European Media Reports that European Union Should Adjust the Unbalanced Relationship with Communist China

The Central News Agency reported on August 5th that the European Union expected to make an attempt at establishing new bilateral relations during a summit with China in September. Some European media thought that the European Union should take the opportunity to adjust the unbalanced and inferior position in the relation with China. The articles thought that the human rights situation in China is not truly improved and that the recent incident of forced organ “donation” from Falun Gong practitioners is an obvious example.

The report remarked that according to latest issue of the “European Voice”, a weekly newspaper in Brussels, Peter Mandelson, Commissioner for European Union Trade, and Ferrero Waldner, Commissioner for External Relations will release a policy review report on a new base for the bilateral relationship during the “Euro-Sino Summit” that will be held in September at Helsinki. It is expected that a new proposal will be brought up to replace the bilateral relations agreement passed in 1985.

A freelance reporter by the name of Fleming pointed out in the July 13th-19th issue of the “European Voice” that the excessively weak stand of the European Union in free trade against China is very disappointing.

The report also pointed out that the same situation happened in the human rights issues too. Not only is the dialogue between China and the European Union weak, but so is it between China and the fifteen European countries (including Norway and Switzerland). China has greatly enhanced its defense ability in international negotiation; however, in fact its human right situation has not truly improved. The recent incident of a large number of Falun Gong practitioners being forced to “donate” organs is an obvious example.

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