Thirteen-Year-Old Girl Whose Father was Taken Away: "Life Is Worse Than Death!"

My father, Guo Changcai, has been arrested because he handed out Falun Dafa materials exposing the persecution in Dongguan City, Guandong Province in 2006. He was quickly sent to the local police department, and then sent back to our township government after being tortured for 4 or 5 days.

Police officers from the Township Station handcuffed my father's hands behind his back, beat him hard, and kneed his abdomen. They sent my father to the County Police Department after they tortured him severely. He stayed there for more than ten days. I can imagine how much pain he must have endured, tortured everyday. Finally he was sent to the Seventh Ward of the Xinkaipu Labour Camp in Changsha City with an 18-month forced labour term.

Ever since my father was arrested, I have had to live with my grandmother. She is over eighty years old, very sad about my father, and her temper is getting bad. If I mentioned my dad while visiting our neighbours, she would scold me. She recently became sick with a severe disease. I feel pain in my heart, because life is worse than death! I hope my dad can soon return.

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