Sweden: During the Tällberg Forum, Practitioners Expose the CCP's Trade in Organs Harvested from Living People

Between June 26th and July 1st, 2006, the Tällberg Forum was held in Tällberg in central Sweden. Politicians, experts and journalists from many countries and people from various sectors of society got together to talk about the question of global cooperation in market economies. The discussions this year were specially focused on environmental protection and human rights. This forum provided participants a calm and inspiring environment where they can make conversation and reach common cognition so that better planned and more effective and harmonious development can be achieved.

Swedish human rights organization SHRIC had a stand outside the forum called ‘Supporting Human Rights in China’, appealing for attention from all countries and peace-loving people for human rights in China. China is under the control of the communist regime and the communist party is committing crimes everyday. In order to maintain its power, it uses all kinds of evil means to persecute dissidents and religious believers. The means it uses are extremely cruel.

Four Falun Gong practitioners who were persecuted in China but now live in Sweden talked about their own experiences of persecution to people who came to read the posters. There were also a dozen Chinese participants at the forum. Some of them have been so poisoned by the evil party's propaganda that they almost could not tell the difference between the evil party and the country of China itself. Practitioners told them their experience of persecution in China and the CCP's crime of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners and suggested that they read the ‘Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party’ to expose the evil nature of the regime. Most of them took a copy of ‘Nine Commentaries’, an editorial published by The Epoch Times newspaper.

In the evening of June 29th, there was a human rights seminar. A representative from the Chinese Workers’ Communication talked about the lack of democracy and human rights under the CCP in Hong Kong. He thought that the retrogression of finance and democracy in Hong Kong was the result of the control of the CCP.

Outside the human rights seminar, many people attending the conference came to get a copy of ‘Nine Commentaries’. The English copies of ‘Nine Commentaries’ ran out very quickly. After getting a leaflet, a gentleman in a black business suit greeted the practitioner in Chinese. The practitioner asked him if he could speak Chinese. He said just a little and he could also read in Chinese. So practitioner gave him a Chinese copy of ‘Nine Commentaries’ and told him he would know the true human rights situation in China after reading it. That gentleman was very pleased and kept saying ‘thank you’. He also gave practitioner his business card and said he supported Chinese people’s human rights and would like to offer help. From his business card, the practitioner learned that he was Head of the Presidential Office in the country he came from.

On the early morning of June 30th, on their way to the stand, some practitioners met a young man who could speak Chinese. He was a university student from Germany and a participant in the forum. He once studied in the UK and the US and also in China for one year. That is why he could speak very good Chinese. He was very shocked upon hearing practitioners’ experiences of being persecuted in China and their experience of escaping from China. Upon learning of the CCP's practice of organ harvesting from living people, he kept shaking his head. He said, ‘Before, I only knew that the human rights situation in China is very bad. Many foreign journalists found it very hard to gather news in China. Now I think I understand'. He took a Chinese ‘Nine Commentaries’ and said he would study it carefully. He also wrote down his email address and hoped he could keep contact with the practitioners.

People were shocked at the photos on the posters exposing the cruel persecution and the stories of persecuted people. When people knew about the CCP practice of organ harvesting on living people, they all said: ‘it is so horrible! How could such horrible and cruel things happen?’ Many people said: ‘we have known this. We know this from the Internet.’ People said to the practitioners, ‘Thank you for telling this to us. No matter what happened, we won’t stop helping you!’

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