Criminal Records of Police Officers in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province

Since July 1999, some people have been following Jiang Zemin closely in persecuting Dafa and Dafa practitioners. Dafa practitioners have provided them with sufficient opportunities, yet they have refused to change. We are hereby exposing some of these persecutors:

Police officers Deng Xiangyang, Zhang Jun, Hu Xiaojun, Zhu Li, and Li at the city police station.

Wang Wei, Party Director, Pengjiaqiao Police Branch, and Zhou Xiangfeng, a police officer at Qingshan Road Police Branch.

Song Bo, Yu Quanjin, Lv Xiuying, Qiu Jihai, and Hong Chuanghua, police officers at Jiangxi Provincial Women’s Labour Camp.

The following are their crimes:

1. On the afternoon of March 28th, 2006, practitioners Chen Wen, Zhang Shujun, Chen Xiangyang, and Wang Liqiong were arrested by police officers from Daishan or Qingyunpu Police Branches, who broke into their material production site. All of their equipment and bankbooks were taken away.

On March 29th, Chen Wen and Zhang Shujun were sent to a hotel in Daishan to be tortured. The director and vice-director at the Daishuan Police Branch, Zhang Jun, the head of Qingyunpu Police Branch, and police officer Deng Xiangyang, hung them up with their feet not touching the floor by handcuffing them to the windows. They also forced the guards to hold their feet, with one person holding each foot, and dragging the two feet apart to form a horizontal line; their feet were also swung from left to right, or back and forth. The torture lasted for thirty-six hours and the practitioners had their lower backs hurt. On the third night, the police did not allow them to sleep, and they would get beaten once they closed their eyes. Police officer Deng Xiangyang hit Zhang Shujun’s toes with a chair until blood was all over her, and her hands and feet went numb. Those involved in the persecution included Hu Xiaojun and Zhu Li at Qingyunpu Police Branch, and a supervisor named Li.

Chang Xiangyang’s home was searched, and Zhang Shujun’s home was broken into by police officers that had a locksmith unlock the door. All of the bank books in the home, including her sister’s, were all taken away.

2. Police arrested another practitioner, Jiang Lanying, at her home on July 11th, 2002 because she had distributed materials exposing the persecution and had hung up banners. At the police station, she was beaten by police officer Wang Wei (now the Party Director) and Zhou Xiangfeng with electric batons or metal clubs. Wang Wei also put a chair on Jiang Lanying’s feet and then sat on it. The torture lasted for three days and nights. Later Jiang Lanying was unlawfully sentenced to five years in prison. Jiang Lanyin started a hunger strike to protest the persecution against her. She was then sent to the provincial forced labour camp hospital to be forced fed for two years and eleven months. In this period, her family members were not allowed to visit her. One day in the winter, her elderly mother came to give her a winter coat in the heavy snow, but the police turned her away without letting the two meet or giving Jiang Lanying the coat.

On June 1st, 2005, Wang Wei and about ten police officers from Pengjiaqiao Police Branch came to Jiang Lanying’s home and took her parents to the forced labour camp hospital. The parents were shown that Jiang Lanying was tied on the bed and forced to take an injection. A reporter with a video camera was arranged to record Jiang saying that she was not abused. At the same time, her mother was asked to sign on a hospital notice informing family members of the patient’s critical condition. Her mother refused to sign it. Jiang Lanying told her mother that this was persecution and that it was a set-up. She told her mother that the police officers had just beaten her. Wang Wei then said that he was not afraid of her suing, and he just wanted her dead. Jiang Lanying weighed more than seventy-five kilograms before being jailed, and her weight dropped to less than forty kilograms. Her parents have not seen her since August 2005. Her current situation is unknown.

3. Director Yu Quanjin, Deputy Director Song Bo, Lv Xiuying, and Qiu Jimei at Jiangxi Provincial Women’s Labour Camp have been persecuting practitioners detained there with inhumane methods. Some practitioners have been tortured until they suffered from a mental disorder or became handicapped.

Physical abuse is commonplace for Dafa practitioners at the labour camp. One practitioner’s arm was twisted until it was disabled. The police officer who did this is now a deputy director. Some were beaten unconscious with electric batons, revived, and beaten unconscious again. Their skin turned dark red after being assaulted repeatedly with electric batons. Others were handcuffed and hung up day and night. Even when they were sleeping at night, their hands were cuffed to the metal poles at the bed’s head, and they could not move, as the handcuffs would cut into the flesh deeper and deeper. Some were slapped on the face until their faces were swollen and mouths were bleeding. Some were dragged by their hair and smashed into the wall, causing big bumps on the head and dizziness. Others were nearly frozen by being handcuffed in the hallway, where the windows were opened on purpose in the coldest days of winter.

Practitioners have been tortured both physically and psychologically, which has caused mental disorders in some practitioners. For those suffering from a mental disorder, the police would not release them because of their situation. Instead, they would continue detaining the practitioners even after the sentenced period. The police officers would search practitioners at will. If the practitioner does not cooperate, the officer would handcuff him or her to the window or rack for several days and extend the detention period by ten to fifteen days.

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