Lawless Policeman Shoots Dafa Practitioner in Anshan City, Liaoning Province

During this Chinese New Year Festival, on February 16th 2002, (the 5th day of the Chinese Lunar New Year) practitioners in Anshan City, Liaoning province used their wisdom to develop a way to broadcast through a cable TV system, which allowed tens of thousands of families to learn the truth of Dafa. This was a significant activity.

Three Dafa practitioners were responsible for the installation and debugging of the system; they succeeded in setting it up on time, and broadcast the truth of Dafa successfully. Several thousand families simultaneously saw the inspiring scene of the western Dafa practitioners' solemn appeal in Tiananmen Square, the analysis of the slow-motion footage of the "Self-immolation" incident and true reports of overseas countries' efforts of clarifying truth and spreading Dafa. All this information had a great impact on […] people.

However, the police appeared during the broadcasting, as some tried to arrest those three Dafa practitioners. They even shot at the practitioners with guns. When the policemen were trying to illegally detain one of the Dafa practitioners, a policeman shot at him four times. One shot hit the practitioner's leg. He fell down but he was not afraid at all. He was dragged to his feet by the policeman. After he stood up, he still benevolently tried to clarify the truth to the policeman; however, that policeman aimed his gun at the practitioner, still determined to arrest him.

The practitioner broke away, and ran. There was a wire fence blocking the road. The practitioner jumped over it and turned to face the policeman again from a distance of three or four meters. The policeman fired another shot. This shot hit the practitioner's nose, but miraculously, the bullet flew past. Thus, the practitioner got away. He climbed over many walls and houses and arrived at his home safely. Then, he discovered another miracle: the bullet which had hit his leg did not injure the bone. Now, that practitioner has basically recovered and is clarifying the truth again.

This event let people see more clearly how Jiang's evil regime persecutes the kind Falun Gong practitioners. They have even gone so far as to use guns to shoot those good people who believe in "Truthfulness, Benevolence and Forbearance." It was a truly horrible and vicious act. The reason that Chinese policemen dare to do such bad deeds is because Jiang's regime had sent out a secret order. This act is the true portrayal of the further-escalating persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. That night, one Dafa practitioner was arrested and no one knows what has happened to him or her.

Therefore, once again, we appeal to all levels of government in the world, and to all the righteous and kind people, to give us help and support and to work together to stop the Jiang regime's ruthless and evil persecution. [...]

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