Male Practitioners Suffer Physical Punishment

Wuhan City, Hubei Province

The No. 2 Large Team in the Wuhan Hewan Forced Labour Camp specializes in managing Falun Gong practitioners. Most male practitioners in neighbouring areas that have been unjustly sentenced to forced labour have been sent to this facility. Currently there are 56 people in the team (including 13 people who conceded to the vicious police). Police officers in the No. 2 Large Team claim that they "execute the law in a civilized way, strictly obey the law, adopt a scientific management approach, and never beat anyone". However, the following are facts about the persecution.

1.The Persecution of Liu Ning.

Falun Dafa practitioner Liu Ning has refused to cooperate with their evil orders ever since he was sent here early last year. For example he refused to squat down when doing the headcount, and he refused to report his presence. He was sent to the Harsh Management team right away and received severe punishment. Liu Ning was given only a small chunk of food, and, if he didn' call out "report" first, he would not be allowed to go to the restroom. The guards were expecting Liu to give in to this tactic, but Liu kept himself from needing to go to the restroom by not drinking any water throughout the day. In the summer his body became dehydrated and his skin sagged on him. Later Liu Ning went on several hunger strikes to protest, and every time he was force-fed. He was then locked in a "small cell" in isolation for over a month. He was in an extremely weak physical condition when he emerged from the small cell. He had to reach for the wall to walk and sometimes needed to be carried on someone else' back. Several times Liu' family requested a "parole for medical treatment," but their requests were rejected. Only when the team leaders began to worry about more severe consequences did they allow Liu to be examined in a hospital. After the examination, however, the team leaders claimed that the hospital had found nothing wrong with Liu' health. Meanwhile, Liu was deteriorating rapidly. He couldn' walk on his own and had to be carried on someone else' back even to go the restroom. Sometimes the cellmates assigned to monitor him didn' offer any help, and Liu had to crawl on the ground. During a meeting, team leader Zhou Houshun made a speech in which he said that the hospital' examination of Liu Ning showed nothing wrong with his health. What Zhou implied was that Liu was pretending to be sick and, therefore could not be placed on parole for medical treatment. In fact they were afraid that if Liu were released, others would see the results of their brutality. Only when doctors said Liu had "erysipelas," which might endanger his life, was he allowed to obtain offsite medical treatment. In less than a year' time, Liu was transformed from a healthy young man into one in critical condition. How could others not be saddened by such harsh persecution?

2. Vicious Beating of Wang Yulin

Wang Yulin was a young man in excellent health. He was sent into the team last August, and was assigned to the No. 9 Class. Suddenly Wang disappeared from the No. 9 Class. Five days later, when we saw Wang Yulin again, Wang couldn' walk steadily either. He was extremely weak and even with others holding him as he walked, he still limped. Again for a period of time he was not seen. The No. 2 Large Team was very tight in keeping things secret. Only after many attempts did we learn that, because Wang Yulin didn' shout out loudly enough when reporting his presence, he was dragged by the class leader Wen Xingguo to the labour camp office. The camp guards instigated a mob action by urging security personnel (that is, other prisoners in the labour camp) to wrap up Wang' head and beat him viciously. Right away Wang' foot was broken, and he couldn' walk steadily. When guards saw the melee was getting out of control, they threw Wang into the Harsh Management Class that same night, January 27th. Wang staged a 5-day hunger strike. When he started eating again on the afternoon of the fifth day, he was given unsalted food with no nutritional value. When we asked team leader Chen why Wang was in such terrible physical condition, Chen flushed, answering, "Because of his lack of nutrition."


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