Military Caves in Liaoning Province, China May be Secret Concentration Camps

I am a veteran soldier in the Shenyang military division. I was shocked after I heard about the atrocities of live organ harvesting from Falun Gong practitioners in the Sujiatun secret concentration camp in Shenyang. Here I would like to provide some information and hope that it is helpful in investigating the locations of other concentration camps

Mao Zedong once issued a "Supreme Directive": "Dig deeply and store grain to be ready in case of war or famine". Starting in April 1966, the field army almost turned out in full force and went deep into the mountains to dig caves. The projects were completed at the end of 1968.

The field army I belonged to was in charge of Jianchang County, Jianping County, Lingyuan County, Suizhong County and Chifeng City (which was run by Liaoning Province at that time) in Liaoning Province, Linxi in Wengniute Banner and Nanshan in Xilinhaote City of Inner Mongolia. The caves we dug into the mountains in the above areas were huge, almost hollowing out the mountains. It took two years to dig the caves.

Foot soldiers were in charge of digging the caves, those in the engineering corps were in charge of solidifying and equipping the caves, and the communication corps buried high-voltage cables and put up communication wires. I did not know which kind of soldiers were in charge of the final steps and what the caves looked like when they were completed.

At a reunion in 1969, one comrade disclosed, "The entrances to those caves were covered up. Automatic doors were made of reinforced steel bars and cement, and camouflaged so that it looked just like the side of the mountain. Unless you are right next to it, you cannot see that it is an entrance to a cave at all."

At that time, a deputy army corps commander told us: "It was planned to equip some of the caves with the most advanced military instruments, matching medical equipment, and supplies that would last 10 years. The smallest cave could accommodate a regiment."

We old veteran soldiers did not say a word about these things until now. Currently, the Chinese Communist Party is ruthlessly utilising every means at its disposal to persecute Chinese people. I would like to disclose the information about these secret military bases to help the investigation into the concentration camps. It is my hope that those good people on the verge of death can be rescued.

In addition, some others also provided information about secret caves. Trains can directly enter the Shoushan Cave in Xingcheng City, Liaoing Province (the former No. 704 Mine). Another cave can be found in Ji'nan, though it is extremely well-disguised.

Local Forced Labour Camps Have Destroyed Evidence of the Persecution and Whilst Secretly Escalated It

Recently, forced labour camps have received instructions to increase the force used to "transform" Falun Gong practitioners and destroy evidence of the persecution. The Heizuizi Women's Forced Labour Camp in Changchun City removed all bulletin boards, cartoons, banners and other items defaming Falun Gong, but secretly, it strengthened the intensity of brainwashing and "transformation" efforts.

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