Norway: Promoting Falun Gong on Norwegian National Day

May 17th is Norway's National Day. In every Norwegian city and town, people hold grand celebrations and activities. On this day, Norwegians no matter male or female, no matter old or young dress in beautiful traditional costumes, wave national flags and take to the street to celebrate National Day.

Falun Gong practitioners at the Nation Day parade in Bodo

Falun Gong practitioners perform in the International Centre Falun Gong practitioners distribute paper lotuses and bookmarks

In the afternoon, Falun Gong practitioners in Bodo attended their city’s celebration activities. They gave theatrical performances in Bodo's International Centre, including waist-drumming, Falun Gong exercise demonstrations, dancing, Chinese Violin, and singing. The audience enjoyed practitioners’ performances.

At 4pm, the grand parade began. Although the population of Bodo is less than fifty thousand, both sides of the street were full of people watching the parade. Falun Gong practitioners were at the front, starting with two Tang Dynasty dressed beauties giving out paper-made lotuses. They were followed by waist-drummers. When Falun Gong practitioners passed, they were warmly received by the audience who cheered and applauded.

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