Tangshan City, 2001: Young Falun Dafa Practitioners Were Transferred to Unknown Places in Military Vehicles

I was shocked to learn that the forced labor camps, detention centers, prisons, and hospitals in different regions of China are all involved in the atrocities of removing Falun Gong practitioners' organs while they were still alive. This horrible news made me suddenly remember what I had experienced when I was illegally detained in Tangshan City.

In mid-December 2000, my fellow practitioners and I went to Tiananmen Square to unfold banners and shout what we want to say from bottom of our hearts; "Falun Dafa is good!" The police immediately took us to Tiananmen Square Police Department, where the practitioners who had refused to give out their names and home addresses were taken away in vehicles to various police stations. [Note: Because of the persecution policy of implicating and pressuring family members, friends and work units, practitioners often refuse to reveal their names when they are arrested.] Each police station was assigned to interrogate three practitioners.

I was brought to one police station, where the police interrogated me for one afternoon and one whole evening and they still did not get what they wanted. The next day, they sent me to a detention center. I staged a hunger strike to protest the maltreatment. On the fifth day, I and other practitioners were taken away in vehicles. Three other Falun Dafa practitioners and I were put on the same vehicle; one of them was a young man, about twenty years old. He had been badly bruised during the interrogation. Two other practitioners were female, under 40 years in age. We initially thought that we would be thrown out in the field far away from the city.

When the vehicle arrived at a tollbooth, it stopped and waited there. Before long, many vehicles that were filled up with practitioners arrived. Many of the vehicles were buses. In about one hour, the vehicles formed a long line, and went on the Beijing-Tangshan Highway. At that time, the highway was blocked to other vehicles, and the road was covered with ice and snow.

Finally, the vehicles arrived at a detention center. Once the vehicles stopped, medical doctors arrived and a doctor boarded each vehicle. The doctor took the pulse of each practitioner, and then the practitioners were transferred onto military vehicles. The transferring process was done by groups. Each group of practitioners was given one doctor, who wore white clothes. After the doctor measured the pulses of the practitioners, they were then escorted onto the military vehicles. Judging from their going through the process in an orderly way, I knew that this was not the first time for them to go through such as a transferring process.

After one female doctor took my pulse, she told her supervisor that my heart might have problems. She then asked if I was still needed or not. This supervisor said that I was not needed. After that, they argued for some time. This supervisor insisted on not taking me. So I was left in Tangshan Detention Center.

During their argument, I was left alone at one side, so I had the time to watch the whole transferring process. I saw that all those Falun Dafa practitioners were young. After the vehicles were filled up, they then were driven away.

I do not know where these fellow practitioners had been taken to and what they experienced thereafter. I saw the Minghui/Clearwisdom website report that an old army doctor revealed that the army was controlling the removal of Falun Gong practitioners' organs. I also learned that the hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, and Tangshan were all involved in the brutal acts. I feel very worried. For those practitioners who were taken to Tangshan City together with me, where are they now?

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