The Savage Treatment of Women in Heizuizi Labour Camp (I)

Ever since the day I was sent to Changchun's Heizuizi Female Labour Camp, all I have heard are the sizzles from electronic batons, the heart-wrenching cries from Falun Dafa practitioners, and cursing from the guards. Every day the atmosphere in the camp was very tense. The necks of Falun Dafa practitioners had many bloody blisters due to shocks from the electric batons; their bodies were covered with black bruises from being kicked by guards, and they even had difficulty walking. Some practitioners cannot even get up from their beds after being shocked by the guards.

I remember a horrifying event that occurred just after the March 8th holiday (International Women's Day). One practitioner who had just been in the labour camp for a short period of time said, "Teacher Li is good, Falun Dafa is good." Her words were passed on to a warden. This warden then brought her upstairs, where several guards shocked her with electric batons and kicked her hard with their boots. She was rolling on the floor and screaming uncontrollably. People working downstairs felt shivers run down their spines on hearing her screams. A criminal detained in the camp was so alarmed that he had a heart attack. It was like an earthquake had taken place upstairs. I cannot find the words to describe what happened. After being shocked she was sent to the "small cell." Later I found out that she had gone insane from that torture. One evening, they finally allowed her husband to take her away.

Two 16 year old female practitioners, who are twins, were also sent into Heizuizi because they persevered in their determination to continue practising Falun Dafa. Before they were sent to Heizuizi, local police tricked them into leaving their home and then kidnapped them to Yanji City Detention Centre. Without any legal procedure, the warden put them into the Youth Education Camp. Because the Youth Education Camp did not have a place for females, they were then sent to a female prison. The female prison did not accept them, so they were sent to Heizuizi. When they first arrived, the warden pretended to be kind to them. After he discovered that they were steadfast in Dafa [Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance] cultivation, the warden did away with his fake mask of kindness and started to shock them with electronic batons and kick them. Later, the twin sisters protested the persecution with a hunger strike, but the malicious guards kept on torturing them with electric batons. They were only two lovely children!

A Dafa practitioner refused to give up Dafa cultivation and started a hunger strike to protest. Because of this, she was tied to the "death bed." Everyday the warden force-fed her through a nasal tube. She was tortured in this way for over 2 weeks. She was severely battered by the time they were done with her. Afterward, she was sent to a mental hospital and "treated" as a mentally disordered patient.

Another practitioner had been locked up in this camp for two years and had endured all kinds of brutal tortures. I only heard one of the numerous incidents about how the warden tortured her. To force her to give up cultivation, the warden took her into a small room, tied her on the "death bed," stuffed things into her mouth, then shocked her continuously with electric batons. No one knows how long she was shocked. At last, she vomited blood. Afterward she was sent to the "solitary compartment" in the 6th section. She had a very strong will and was not afraid of being threatened with death. Guards in the 6th section could not change her, so they sent her back to the 2nd section where she had come from. After her illegal, one-year term of labour education had expired, her termed was extended for another year without any reason. She was sent to a local 610-office (An agency specifically created to persecute Falun gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) after her two-year term was up.

A practitioner refused to give up cultivation and one day started to do the exercises. The guards tied her onto the "death bed" in a "solitary compartment" and tortured her for four or five months. She was badly battered from the torture, and the scene was horrifying!

In June, practitioners in the 2nd section were sent to do labour planting grass in Dai Mountain Park. It was a rainy day with strong wind. Everyone was shaking from the cold; and they all were covered with mud while planting the grass in the wind and rain. This work lasted until 5:30PM in the evening. Immediately after the practitioners returned to the camp, they were forced to do overtime work until after 10PM without any break. They were forced to follow the same schedule the next day starting at 4 AM in the morning. This schedule was kept in place for over a month. Everybody was exhausted. Some practitioners became delirious from the extreme fatigue and long hours in the burning sun.

At the end of October, everyone in the labour camp was forced to pick beans. One bag of beans weighs from 100 to 120 Jin (one Jin is about 1.1 pounds). Supervisor Liu in the 2nd section deliberately ordered Falun Dafa practitioners who were steadfast in their cultivation to carry the bags from the 1st floor to the 5th floor. Among those practitioners the youngest was 21; the oldest was over 50. They encouraged each other and carried the bags up and down many times, an arduous effort (the bags containing beans that had not been shelled were carried to the 5th floor, and the ones containing beans that were shelled were carried down to the 1st floor). When the factory staff came to check the beans, they said to them with admiration, "Your labour cannot even be endured by men." But the warden laughed in sarcasm and said, "Isn't it said that your Dafa is majestic? Now do any one of you dare to stop working?"

The guards from 2nd section's 5th subsection physically tortured Dafa practitioners by many vicious means, but the practitioners remained steadfast in their cultivation. These practitioners were forced to stand in front of a wall until midnight before they were allowed to go to sleep. The guards changed their tactics shortly after and started to force the practitioners to copy down the labour camp rules (over 40 items). Regardless of how late the practitioners came back from their overtime work, they had to finish copying the camp rules before they were allowed to sleep. Sometimes it was 1 or 2 AM by the time they finished copying. They had to get up and start their hard labour again at 4 or 5 AM. That is how they have been living for over a year. The guards do not care at all whether the practitioners live or die.

Once, when an higher leader came to inspect the camp, all of us were taken to watch a movie in the electronic education centre, leaving only criminals and people with a "good understanding of Dafa" [a phrase the persecutors use to refer to those practitioners who have been forced to give up their practice through mental and physical torture, and who are then willing to co-operate with the persecution of Falun Gong] for the leader to inspect. The guards hid all of the practitioners who had refused to be coerced into giving up their practice. When the leader asked a criminal (non-practitioner), "How long have you been practicing? Are you still practicing?" The criminal, who was pretending to be a practitioner replied, "I had practiced for over a year, and now I have already stopped practicing." Then this criminal made some anti-Dafa comments. The reporter who came with the leader recorded the "facts". From that incident we can see that every level, from the central government to local administration offices, is misrepresenting the facts to the public.

These are the facts that I have witnessed with my own eyes. Kind-hearted people, please wake up! Think about what these cruel facts tell us and make your own judgment about who is evil and who is kind; who is righteous and who is wicked; who is right and who is wrong.

Please remember: Falun Dafa is Good!


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