Belgium: Belgian Media Reports on the CCP's Illegal Organs Trade

On the 20th of April, a Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad reported about the CCP illegal trading of organs. The article says, in China, after criminals have been executed, the authorities illegally sell their organs for transplants. The authorities did not obtain their consents. These facts were all compiled by members of the British Transplant Association.

The article says this involves thousands of people’s organs. Some of the criminals are already selected before they are even executed, after being examined to see if their blood types are the same as the transplant patients.

Falun Gong practitioners said that they are the victims of this illegal organ trade. In China Falun Gong practitioners are being detained in different concentration camps, where death rates are extremely high. Therefore Falun Gong practitioners are having doubts about the source of these human organ transplants.

Last month, the Chinese Communist Party promised to stop the practice of harvesting organs and the law to ban the organs trade will come into effect at the beginning of July. Nevertheless the organs trade is such a profitable business, that the British Transplant Association is worried that it will be very hard to end the illegal selling of organs. A spokesman for the CCP Foreign Ministry made a speech and admitted that organs have come from executed prisoners.

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