Chinese People Awaken to the Truth

- Recently, when one township needed unpaid workers, every family was drafted, even a Falun Dafa practitioner. On the day the work started, the official in charge saw the practitioner and asked: "Are you busy working for Falun Dafa? Then you don't need to do this work." This Falun Dafa practitioner was puzzled. The official was serious and repeated: "It is true, you don't need to do this work. You can leave now."

- A practitioner passed by a store run by a person he knew. The shop owner stopped him and said: "Some of you are really in a hurry and some flyers were not glued well. This morning I saw that a flyer fell on the ground and so I glued it back onto the wall." The practitioner said: "Thank you! In return you will have good fortune."

- A practitioner wanted to copy some materials. He went to a copy store and asked: "I have some material to be copied. Do you have the courage to do it?" The storeowner was puzzled and asked: "What is that?" "Falun Gong truth clarifying material." The storeowner then said without hesitation: "Sure, it doesn't matter how many copies you want to make, I will do it. Those thugs that cause Falun Gong trouble are very bad. It is hard to tell good from bad in this world. My store was broken into and when I reported the case to the police, they beat me up. Then I found out that the police and the thieves are friends."

- A practitioner's husband who was not a practitioner packed luggage for his wife before she went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. He even wanted to go with his wife. He said, "If the policemen come to arrest you when you unfurl the banner, I will press them down to the ground so that you can run away." After the practitioner was arrested, her husband went to the detention centre to send her some clothes. He said to the guard, "My child is left at home without care; otherwise I would also go to Beijing to appeal against the persecution of Falun Gong." While his wife was at home, they always went out together to distribute Falun Dafa truth-clarifying materials. Now that his wife is held at the detention centre, he still makes banners and goes out to hang them up by himself.


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