Chinese President’s Illegal Orders to Further Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Jiang Zemin: "No measures against Falun Gong practitioners are off limits."

From reliable sources, right before the Chinese Spring Festival, Jiang Zemin arranged another round of persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. The latest news said, "No measures against Falun Gong practitioners are off limits." Such an extreme and vicious order has been issued to the official level of Section head.

Jiang Regime Issues Another Secret Order for Arresting Falun Dafa Practitioners in a Broad Sweep

Recently rulers in China's regime issued another secret order to every police department, from central government on down to local precinct police stations. They ordered a nation- wide, large raid on Falun Dafa practitioners around January 15 in the Chinese calendar. If a Falun Dafa flyer were found at a practitioner's home, the practitioner would be sentenced to criminal internment. Those practitioners who are imprisoned in detention centres and custody centres and refused to write the so-call "guarantee statements" would not be released, even though they were on a hunger strike.


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