Destroying Eyewitnesses Within "Three Months"

The International reaction has been one of outrage since the evil and horrifying activities against humans [Falun Gong practitioners] at Sujiatun were made public. It took more than twenty days for the Chinese Communist Party to release a formal response. The prevailing perception by outsiders is that the Chinese Communist regime has destroyed all physical evidence relating to the allegations. This has another most serious aspect associated with this affair - the safety of "eye-witnesses."

On March 27th, the Chinese Communist regime enacted a law that prohibits buying and selling of human organs. But the law does not become effective until July 1st. On March 28th, the Chinese Communist foreign ministry spokesman Qing Gang denied, during one of the routine Chinese press conferences, the existence of the Sujiatun Concentration Camp They also invited the media for an on-site visit.

Because of this, people are confused. They wonder why the Chinese Communists would want a three-month delay before the "law" goes into effect.

On March 31st, a senior level military doctor from the logistics department of Shenyang Military District described the harvesting of organs from living Falun Gong practitioners. He also disclosed that Sujiatun Concentration Camp is only one of 36 such camps. The largest camp is in Jilin Province, and its code name is 672-s. More than 120,000 detainees are imprisoned at that camp. This senior army doctor also said that the latest order from the head of the Chinese Communist Party is to treat Falun Gong practitioners as a "class enemy." This means that anything could be done to Falun Gong practitioners - whatever serves the interest of the camp or individual. No report is required.

From this information, we understand clearly what the "more than three months" are for - for buying time. The latest unusual activities at Tianjin First Central Hospital tell a story that is much too shocking for anyone to bear.

According to reliable sources, staff at Tianjin First Central Hospital performed many more liver and kidney transplants in late March than ever before. The surgeries were always performed at night. Why has this hospital suddenly such a large supply of organs (livers and kidneys)? Sources believe that the transplants were performed due to the urgency of the situation. The Chinese Communist Party is stepping up their elimination of "live witnesses" in all concentration camps.

Falun Gong international organisations are urgently calling for help, calling for an immediate investigation to protect the lives of witnesses.

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