An Older Mother's Sadness

I am over 80 years old and I live with my son, my daughter-in-law, and my grandson. My son and his wife make a living by trading. Although we are not rich, my son and his wife are very nice and respectful to me, and they are hard workers. My grandson is a good child and he studies hard. I am very old but have good health because I practise Falun Gong. Each member of our family follows the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance. Our life is very peaceful and happy.

Our happy family met with disaster on the evening of March 14th, 2006. My daughter-in-law was not home at the time when more than ten state security agents and policemen stormed into my house and arrested my son. They also took away our computer and other things.

My son never did anything against his conscience, nor did he violate the law. He is a good son and all my neighbours praised him. The police took him away as if he were a robber and the only reason is because he practises Falun Gong. I am an old lady, and I had to watch my good son being taken away.

People are all saying that there is no justice after such a nice person was arrested! My grandson is in the seventh grade. Every day he asks about his father. He needs his father to check his homework. It is hard to bear and to keep the tears from running down my cheeks. My daughter-in-law is always telling me that my son will be home soon, but I know she is trying to make me feel better, because I can see her wipe her tears away when she turns away from me.

I do not have any retirement salary, my grandson is in school, and my son should be able to support his family. Now everything falls on my daughter-in-law's shoulders and we wonder how we can survive.

I want my son back, my grandson wants his father back, and my daughter-in-law needs her husband back. We all need him and right now we do not have any information regarding his whereabouts. My son, when will you be able to come home?

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