Australia: Practitioners Gather in front of Parliament and Expose CCP Atrocities in Sujiatun Concentration Camp

Falun Gong practitioners in Australia gathered in front of Parliament in Canberra on March 27th to 30th, 2006 and conducted an anti-torture exhibition, meditation and a 72-hour relay hunger strike protest to condemn in the atrocities at Sujiatun Concentration Camp. They also called on the Australian government and the international community to investigate the situation.

Ms. Hong Chen, a practitioner participating in the hunger strike protest, said, "I hold a hunger strike to protest the CCP's barbaric crimes in Sujiatun Concentration Camp in harvesting body organs from living practitioners and selling the organs on the black market. I hope Australia and kind-hearted people will offer help to stop these brutal atrocities."

Wendy said, "For such atrocities like Sujiatun Concentration Camp, anyone with conscience should be shocked. If no one spoke out, barbarity would then be allowed in the world. Like others, I take a leave from work to speak out for the several thousand practitioners being persecuted in Sujiatun and protest the atrocities by hunger strike. I hope more people will be awakened and send forth a righteous voice."

A lady called Lisa signed a petition and joined the protest by holding a banner after listening to a practitioner's explanation. She said, "The reenactment of torture is to show the Australian Government about the persecution in China. Though the exposure is just a piece of iceberg, I think it is a very good way." She learned five sets of Falun Gong exercises before she left.

In the morning and evening, the practitioners held banners exposing CCP crimes on the roads along which Senators and Members of Parliament drive to work.

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