Belgium: Supporting Nine Million Withdrawals from the CCP and Protesting against CCP Atrocities

On March 11th 2006, some volunteers from Belgium's “Quitting the CCP Service Centre” held an activity in Chinatown in Brussels city centre to support the nearly nine million withdrawals from the CCP and also to protest against CCP atrocities.

A hi-fi system was set up on a table to broadcast the Chinese version of the Nine Commentaries, an editorial first published by the Epoch Times newspaper. A banner reading "Quitting the CCP" drew people’s attention. Many Chinese people were happy to receive the Nine Commentaries. Some western people also asked for the Chinese Nine Commentaries to give them to their Chinese friends. Several hundred copies of the Nine Commentaries and other material was handed out quickly.

A local lady, belonging to a music group, very much hoped to collaborate with us to hold this kind of activity together. A Belgian gentleman, who once stayed in Tibet for over one month and had already knowledge of the CCP’s evil nature, told us that, due to the period of his stay in Tibet, the CCP thereafter created obstacles for his visa to China. He expressed he would like to tell his friends in mainland China about the information he learned here today and took some copies of the Nine Commentaries and other quitting the CCP material to bring them to his friends in China later.

A Spanish couple talked with volunteers using their limited French and learned the details of this activity. They expressed their support for this action and the good wishes to volunteers. From time to time people came to sign to support the campaign to quit the CCP.

There were also two Chinese people who were deeply poisoned by the evil Chinese Communist Party and came over to swear at volunteers impolitely. Volunteers patiently talked to them rationally, analysed the CCP’s evil nature thoroughly from different angles, explained that the CCP is not equal to China and can not represent the Chinese nation with five thousand years of traditional culture. After much clarification, they were restrained and finally apologised for their impolite manner. This activity provided local Chinese people with a good opportunity to know about the Nine Commentaries and the evil nature of the CCP.

Right before the end of the activity, a local young person specially came over to enquire about the meaning of the words on the banner. After listening to volunteer’s explanation, he encouraged volunteers to continue the campaign.

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