France: European Chinese Citizens Hold a Parade to Support Withdrawals from the CCP

Around noon on February 26th 2006, firecrackers and waist-drums woke up Paris from its slumber. A grand parade to support eight million withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) attracted people’s attention.

Overseas Chinese groups from various European countries and local French human rights support groups gathered in the Italian Square in Paris to show Europe’s support for Chinese people quitting the CCP. They also supported the relay hunger strike initiated by Chinese human rights lawyers, calling for the CCP’s disintegration. The event was coordinated by nine organisations, including the French Division of the Chinese Overseas Democratic Association, the Chinese Democratic Party in France, the French Epoch Times, the Vietnamese Confederation to Support Human Rights, the Free Vietnamese Committee in France, Asian Youth Democratic League, Friends of Miao Minority in France, Myanmar National Democratic Association, and the Falun Gong Association in France. Representatives from various groups gave speeches at the gathering.

Most of the speeches praised the courage of over eight million people who have quit the CCP. They also supported the relay hunger strike initiated by famous lawyer Gao Zhisheng, condemning the gangster tactics employed by the CCP in and outside of China. Many expressed determination to be rid of the CCP’s tyranny.

After the gathering, citizens from various European countries joined a grand parade. With various colourful banners, loud noises from drums and firecrackers, the parade formed quite a spectacle against the background of Paris. Everybody wore a big smile on their face. Many walked out or opened their windows to applause or cheer on the parade.

A gentleman who decided to join the parade said, “Let me walk with you for a bit to show my concern for human rights conditions in China and my good wishes to the Chinese people.”

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