Danish Human Rights Organisation Asks the Danish Government to Support the Relay Hunger Strike in China

Danish NGO issues online petition for Gao Zhisheng

Online Petition:

To the Danish government and the EU Parliament.


A hunger strike with an appeal to the Communist dictatorship in China to put an end to persecuting and terrorising its own people has, within a short period of time, spread from China to the whole world. It has become a global movement which gives a clear voice to the Chinese people’s hope for freedom and peace. The hunger strike was initiated by the famous human rights lawyer Gao Zhisheng, who is known for his untiring struggle for the persecuted in China. Most commentators today deny China’s claims that the human rights situation in China is improving—in reality it has become much worse in recent years.

For a long time the world has stood passively by as Communist China has persecuted large sections of its population, like Falun Gong, Christians and Buddhists. Gao Zhisheng himself recently commented: “When the Nazis slaughtered the Jews, they were condemned by the world. But the Communist Party has killed more than eighty million people, thirteen times more than the number of Jews and the world says nothing.” Many people are wondering if we set our sights higher than the human dignity of the Chinese people.

We, the signatories:

Request that the Danish government and EU parliament:

(1) Publicly condemn the Chinese Communist dictatorships ongoing and massive human rights violations against their own population.

(2) Publicly support the ongoing global hunger strike for democracy and freedom in China.


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