Turkey: Spreading Falun Gong at the C.A.G. University in Mersin

C.A.G. University is the only private university in Mersin and I have been teaching in the English Language Department there for almost two years. Recently, we established a Falun Gong Student Club which is among the most popular clubs in the university.

Last year students that I taught noticed that I was very patient and never got angry. Also some students noticed that the days I was going to teach them they woke up easier in the morning and happy to come to college. They asked how I could be so calm. I told them about Falun Gong, the guiding principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance and the energy field around Falun Gong practitioners. They immediately applied to have permission to learn the exercises at college.

I told the students in my class about the human rights abuses against Falun Gong practitioners in China and they made posters about the persecution and hung them on the school walls. Most of the lecturers also learned the exercises and a few came to our practice site in Mersin. As it is a private university we needed the approval of the principal. After finding out what Falun Gong was the principal asked me to teach him the exercises and also asked me to give a bigger presentation at the movie theatre.

The 23rd of February was the first registration day of all clubs at the university. Almost sixty students and teachers registered to learn the exercises.

Students expressing an interest in learning the exercises and want to find out more about the persecution

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