Thailand: Promoting Falun Dafa in the North

After a month of preparation, in early February, ten woman senior practitioners in Thailand started a long trip to northern Thailand, Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, to promote Falun Dafa and clarify the truth of the ongoing persecution in China.

On their way, sending forth righteous thoughts, reciting Lunyu and singing practitioner-composed songs, they were very happy with high spirits, as if they were young girls rather than senior ladies. Each one of them had a bag, packed with Falun Dafa materials in both Chinese and Thai languages, the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party [published by the Epoch Times, the 'Nine Commentaries' discloses the history and nature of the Chinese Communist Party], truth-clarifying CDs, paper folded lotus flowers and Falun Dafa introduction bookmarks, etc. They distributed them wherever they went. As native Thais, they could easily communicate with local residents and tourists, showing the beauty of Falun Dafa and compassion of practitioners. The practitioners' driver knew northern Thailand very well and drove them to all tourist sites in the region. The practitioners distributed Dafa materials to all Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Westerners they met. Many requested the CDs and some liked the lotus flowers very much.

During the trip, the practitioners specifically looked for another practitioner who had no contact with others for about three years. As soon as they arrived at the place, they tried to contact him. However, there was significant interference and several appointments with him were cancelled for this or that reason. When they finally met, the practitioner told them that he thought they couldn't meet. When they gave him Master Li's new articles and other Dafa materials as well as the Nine Commentaries, he said: "Let me distribute them." His enthusiasm was heart-warming.

During the trip, they also met many schoolteachers and students. At a school in Chiang Rai which was located half way up the mountain, they went to the principal's office to introduce Falun Gong and then went down the hill to teach students the exercises at the school's track field. At the historical city of Sukhothai, they ran into a huge group of more than 100 students led by several schoolteachers touring by bike. Practitioners presented them with bookmarks and Falun Dafa introduction materials, and the students and teachers did heshi to express their appreciation [heshi: pressing hands together in front of one' chest, a traditional way to show thanks and respect].

Promoting Falun Gong to students and teachers

Teaching the exercises

Thailand has many temples, and the practitioners also went to some temples to promote Dafa. They introduced the facts of Falun Dafa to the abbots, answered questions from monks, and presented these Buddhism practitioners with lotus flowers and bookmarks as well as other truth-clarifying materials.

The most encouraging thing they found was that some people already knew about Falun Dafa as the result of practitioners' several previous trips to the North.

On their way back to Bangkok, they shared experiences. They concluded that this was not only a trip to promote Falun Dafa and introduce facts but also a precious opportunity for them to cultivate, making progress by always looking inside whenever they ran into conflicts. While the trip progressed smoothly, they also found some areas to be improved.

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