Gezhouba Group Corporation 610 Office Agents Persecuted Practitioner Ms. Shen Ju to Death

The authorities at the 610 Office1 and the Security Section of the eight subsidiary companies of the Gezhouba Group in Yichang City of Hubei Province have been assaulting, shadowing, intimidating, and brainwashing the Falun Dafa practitioners employed there. In particular, under the extended persecution, practitioner Ms. Shen Ju from the Gezhouba Group Corporation went into a coma for 24 hours and died in a hospital on January 10th, 2006, at the age of 34. Ms. Shen is survived by her six-year-old child.

Ms. Shen Ju used to have many illnesses, including tuberculosis and nasal polyps. After she started to practise Falun Dafa in May 1998, however, her illnesses gradually disappeared and she became a healthy person again. Despite the persecution launched by Jiang's regime on July 20th, 1999, Ms. Shen continued to uphold her belief in Falun Dafa. To appeal for justice for Falun Dafa, Ms. Shen went to Beijing three times. The police arrested her and took her back to Yichang City, where the authorities at the 610 Office and officer Xu Hong of the Second Corporation of Gezhouba Group extorted a large amount of money from her, imprisoned her, and brutally persecuted her.

In January 2001, when Ms. Shen's child was barely one-year-old, the 610 officers and the police from Yemingzhu Police Station arrested her once again and imprisoned her in the Yichang City Detention Centre for eight months. Furthermore, the 610 officers made a few attempts to extend her detention term and to take her to a forced labour camp. Failing to find any legitimate reason to hold her, they reluctantly released her at the end of the eighth month. Nonetheless, they continued to follow her and periodically assaulted her.

Like Ms. Shen, her husband Mr. Wang Danfeng, another Falun Dafa practitioner at the Second Project Corporation of Gezhouba Group, was also persecuted. In October 2002, the police officers followed 610 Office instructions to take Ms. Shen to a forced brainwashing session at the Xiaguang Hotel. Holding a five-day-long hunger strike, Ms. Shen managed to get out of the forced brainwashing session. After she returned home, however, the authorities at her former work place and the local street resident committee continued to follow and assault her.

In August 2003, the authorities once again abducted her at home and took her to a forced brainwashing session in Wuhan City, where she experienced mental and physical persecution. To reach the "transformation ratio2" assigned by the provincial government and to capitalise on their political agenda, Yang Jixue, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Secretary of the Gezhouba Group Corporation, and the 610 offices of the subsidiaries of the Gezhouba Group, paid thousands of yuan3 to the Tangxun Lake Brainwashing Centre of Wuhan City for each practitioner they produced, abducted many practitioners on their payroll, and took them all to the brainwashing centre.

In July 2005, while telling the facts of Falun Dafa to people in Shenzhen City, Ms. Shen was arrested by the local police and taken to the Longgang District Detention Centre nearby. There she was imprisoned for another three and a half months. Because of the harsh conditions in the detention centre, she developed scabies. Her condition grew worse until she was taken back to Yichang City after two weeks.

To further punish her for her practise, the authorities at the 610 Office removed her husband from his position and forced him to work at a remote site. Devastated by the physical and mental persecution and lacking proper care as she lived without her husband by her side, Ms. Shen finally went into a coma for 24 hours and died on January 10th, 2006.

Phone numbers of relevant agencies and personnel:

Yang Jixue, Secretary of the CCP Committee Office and the 610 Office of Gezhouba Group: 86-717-6718688 (Office), 86-717-6728666 (Home), 86-13972599888 (Mobile)
Xiang Hong, spouse of the former 610 Officer head: 86-717-6790621 (Office)
Mao, the Associate Secretary of the CCP Committee Office and the 610 Office of the No.2 Corporation of Gezhouba Group: 86-717-6722328 (Office), 86-717-6712338 (Office)
Zhan Hong, head of the 610 Office of the No.2 Corporation of Gezhouba Group: 86-717-6711635 (Home)
General Manager of the No.2 Corporation of Gezhouba Group: 86-717-6713534 (Office)


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

3. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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