Details about the Death of Practitioner Ms. Deng Shiying, Who Died as a Result of Torture in the Women's Prison of Jilin Province

Ms. Deng Shiying, 42, was a Falun Dafa practitioner from Jilin City in Jilin Province. Because she refused to give up her faith in Falun Dafa, she was subjected to brutal torture in the Women's Prison of Jilin Province. She passed away on July 19th, 2003. The prison guards ordered six to seven prisoners, including Jin Shunhua (female), to brutally beat Ms. Deng. Ms. Deng was rendered unconscious, was unable to eat, felt nauseated and vomited constantly, and fell into a coma for an extended period. She experienced severe pain over her entire body.

On September 15th, 2002, Ms. Deng Shiying was held in the Yongji County Detention Centre for telling people the truth about Falun Dafa. On February 18th, 2003, Ms. Deng was sentenced to seven years of imprisonment. At the beginning of March 2003, she was put into the Women's Prison of Jilin Province, where she was subjected to brutal torture.

In June 2003, prison guards went to Ms. Deng Shiying's house to extort money from her husband, who refused to give them anything. Then the prison guards went to Ms. Deng Shiying's mother's house to extort money. Ms. Deng Shiying's mother said, "If you release her, we will find ways to treat her and we will send her back to you after she recovers." The prison guards rejected this request. Ms. Deng Shiying's mother wanted to see her daughter, but the prison guards refused.

On July 17th, 2003, one day before Ms. Deng Shiying passed away, two prison guards from the Women's Prison of Jilin Province went from Changchun City, where the prison is located, to Ms. Deng Shiying's house in Jilin City, in order to extort 3000 yuan1 from Ms. Deng's family. Ms. Deng's family only gave them 500 yuan at that time.

On July 18th, 2003, the prison called Ms. Deng Shiying's house over ten times to urge her family members to quickly pick up Ms. Deng. When the family members saw Ms. Deng, she was already unconscious and close to death.

The family members took Ms. Deng Shiying from the prison and quickly sent her to the No. 2 Hospital of the Tiedong Chemical Industry Factory of Jilin City for emergency rescue. The doctor told the family members that Ms. Deng Shiying's entire body has failed. She suffered from a ruptured gallbladder, atrophied cerebellum, fibrosis of the brain nerves, calcification of the inside of the cerebellum, and severe damage to all of her organs.

At 1:00 p.m. on July 19th, 2003, due to the brutal torture she suffered at the Women's Prison of Jilin Province, Ms. Deng Shiying passed away.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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