Russia: The Amir Family of Moscow

The story of a Falun Gong family

The Tartars are one of the minorities of Russia with a population of about seven million. Their features are somewhat like the Uighurs of China - light skin colour, black hair, dark eyed. They are mainly scattered throughout a few small republics around Kazan, the capital of the Tartarian Republic of the Russian Federation.

Mr Amir is a Tartarian Falun Dafa practitioner from Moscow. He used to be a civil engineer, now he runs a grocery wholesaling business. He has a beautiful Russian wife Natasha and three lovely children. In addition to the housework, Natasha also works part-time. They have two boys, aged eleven and eight, and a little girl of five. Since each one is a head taller than the other, the family is like a ladder, some practitioners jokingly refer to them as the 'Amir Echelon'.

Our Amir Echelon is really special. They have exposed the persecution of Falun Gong to the people of Moscow and Saint Petersburg; they were at the recent Russian experience sharing conference; they took part in the parade to support the Epoch Times newspaper's “Nine Commentaries” and the wave of withdrawals from the Communist Party; and they regularly join protests opposite the Chinese Embassy. The Amir Echelon is almost everywhere.

Amir joined a group of practitioners to form a waist-drum team, in order to play a colourful part in parades; Natasha is gifted at dancing and singing so she joined a dance troupe to perform the Lotus Dance and Fan Dance. Amir doesn't own a car, but he pushes his barrow. He often transports Falun Gong information newspapers in the barrow. A stack of newspapers weighs about sixteen to seventeen lbs in weight and he takes four to five packs each time regardless of the weather. Their three children like to distribute the newspapers so much and they are always very dynamic and active when they do so and they can distribute many in a short time.

Many local practitioners came to Falun Gong because of health issues, but Amir and Natasha were different. They are both very healthy. They came because they wanted to find the meaning and purpose of life. In October 2001, a 'New Epoch Qigong Exhibition' was held in Moscow. The Russian practitioners won an award for best practice performance and an award for best booth design. The couple started the practice from there. In that exhibition, they didn't find what they really wanted until they encountered Falun Gong. They were so excited. Not only does the couple study and practise diligently, but the children like Falun Gong very much.

Very few Russian practitioners have ever seen Master Li in person. Amir wanted very much to see Master Li, and he decided to go to a Fa conference in the United States. But he has three children and the family is not rich, how could he afford the trip? While Amir thought it was the most important thing in his life, Natasha was also very supportive and in the end he went. He spent a whole week in the US and saw Master Li.

Those who have seen Master Li tell different stories: some said Master Li is tall and handsome; some said they felt so comfortable and happy and didn't want to leave when they were with Master; some said Master's energy field was so strong that it seemed that Master’s whole body was glowing with light. But Amir said that everyone could feel the field of compassion and harmony even before Master entered the conference, he could not find any human words to express his feelings. He was not surprised when he saw Master, but he simply wanted to cry without knowing why. Like a lost little boy who finally found his father, he cried. When he talked about that meeting, his eyes would fill with tears again.

Mr Amir's whole family practise diligently and actively let people know about their experiences with Falun Gong. They sincerely hope those who are misled by the Chinese Communist Regime's propaganda can understand the truth of Falun Gong, have a righteous understanding of the practice and secure a bright future.

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