Details of the Persecution Death of Ms. Liu Guiying from Heilongjiang Province

Ms. Liu Guiying, a 43-year-old Falun Dafa practitioner from Mishan, Heilongjiang Province, was an employee of the Mishan Cement Products Plants. Because someone betrayed her to the local police department in March 2002, she and another practitioner were arrested while she was walking down a street. Ms. Liu was held in the Mishan Detention Centre where she died from force-feeding on October 24th, 2002. Against the wishes of her family, her body was cremated on October 26th, 2002. This is her story.

In May 2002, the police attempted to put Ms. Liu Guiying into the Harbin Drug Rehabilitation Centre, in order to persecute her. Because she had high blood pressure due to torture, the Centre refused to accept her. Policeman Liu Xiaohu and others rented a hotel room and locked the handcuffed Liu Guiying in the room. On the way back to Mishan City, Ms. Liu's blood pressure was even higher. She became extremely weak physically and her life was in danger. Agent Liu Xiaohu was afraid of being held responsible for her death and made false promises to her, "You should hold on. We'll let you go free once we get back." When they got back to Mishan, Liu Xiaohu actually delivered practitioner Ms. Liu to a detention centre. They ordered her to pay all of the Harbin trip expenses, including items the police officers had purchased for themselves, the hotel expenses and other things, amounting to nearly 4,000 yuan1. In the meantime, the police station's Political and Security Section demanded 4,000 yuan in extortion money. Ms. Liu's family was unable to pay this amount of money, so the authorities planned to imprison her long term.

On October 13th, Liu Guiying, along with practitioner Yang Hailing and other practitioners totalling 10 altogether, started a hunger strike to protest the detention, and requested their unconditional release. The detention centre refused to release them. On the morning of October 22nd, the detention centre officials forcibly sent the practitioners to the Mishan People's Hospital. Hospital administrator Zhao Shuguang himself, along with five or six others, pressed on Ms. Liu's feet and arms. They pushed five soft plastic tubes into her mouth and nostrils and poured in powdered milk, high-density salt solution and drugs. It was a very cruel procedure. Yang Hailing and other practitioners were confined to their hospital bed by handcuffs and shackles while being force-fed. Detention centre head Ma Baosheng threatened, "If you continue the hunger strike, we will let the male prisoners take care of you while you use the toilet."

At noon, Ms. Liu Guiying's complexion became pale and she was in great pain. These symptoms are typical of food having entered the lungs. One warden noticed something was wrong with her, checked her pulse, and went to report to Ma Baosheng, "She is really not all right." One policeman said, "Let's carry her into a car." Ma Baosheng said, "No! I would lose too much face! Let her walk by herself!" Liu Guiying had to crawl first and then slowly walk to the car with both hands holding onto a wall.

Ms. Liu was given oxygen in the hospital. By then she was bleeding from her mouth. On October 24th, 2002, having suffered nine months' of torture, Ms. Liu Guiying died without getting a chance to say a last word to her family members or her children.

With orders from the Political and Security Section and detention centre head Ma Baosheng, the Mishan People's Hospital issued a "death certificate" indicating that Ms. Liu had died from a stroke and kidney failure. It covered up Ma Baosheng and Zhao Shuguang's crime of murder. Zhao Shuguang received retribution. He was diagnosed with liver cancer in July 2004 and spent more than four million yuan of the Communist regime's money, yet failed to recover. He died a painful death in a hospital in Yunnan Province. The police department tightly blocked the information of Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Liu Guiying's death. The Political and Security Section personnel kept people away from her body and didn't let any of her family members see her.

Ma Baosheng was afraid of being held responsible for the murder. He told her family members that the detention centre would pay all expenses related to her death. But after Liu Guiying's cremation, Ma Baosheng's openly showed his scoundrel face again. He refused to be responsible for any expenses! Later, Ms. Liu's family members went to Jixi to appeal, but because there was "not enough evidence," the appeal was dropped. The hospital had a complete record of all evidence, since all the people who participated in the forced feeding were witnesses.

Responsible police officers:

Ma Baosheng, male, is approximately 45 years old. He is very malicious. He was once the head of the Mishan Detention Centre, where he cruelly persecuted Dafa disciples and other prisoners. He made use of his authority to send many good people to a forced labour camp or prison. If the forced labour camp or the prison didn't want to accept these people, Ma would bribe the camp or prison head with 800 - 2,000 yuan to get them to take these people.

Ma Baosheng continues to persecute practitioners in detention. He gave the orders to those who persecuted Ms. Liu Guiying to death. He himself threw Ms. Yang Hailing to the ground and caused her death. Ma Baosheng currently works at a police department interrogation and prosecution section.

Policeman Liu Xiaohu mercilessly beat practitioners many times. He is currently with the Vice Squad of the Mishan Police Department.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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