Ms. Han Guangmei Suffers Severe Injuries While in Custody of the Junan County "610 Office"

Ms. Han Guangmei, a Falun Gong practitioner from Junan County, Shandong Province, was arrested on November 26th, 2005, along with 18 other Falun Gong practitioners. Ma Zongtao, an officer from the Junan County 610 Office1, tortured her severely for an entire night. She was not able to move, and her left leg was swollen. Ma Zongtao also threatened her by saying, "I will definitely beat you to death tonight."

On the evening of November 26th, 2005, "610 Office" agents from Junan County arrested 19 Falun Gong practitioners who were having a cultivation experience conference at Zhang Yaqin's house in Xujiahuangzhuang Village. That night, dozens of "610 Office" agents in six police cars and a bus surrounded Zhang Yaqin's house. Ma Zongtao first broke into the house. After breaking in, he locked the door and blockaded everybody inside. With obscene language, Ma Zongtao threatened and harassed practitioner Yang Guangzhen.

Ma Zongtao then called others in by mobile phone. They put 19 practitioners into the bus and drove to the county emergency services office. In the emergency services office, Ma Zongtao locked Han Guangmei, a practitioner from Nanshiqiao Village, in a solitary cell. He slapped Han Guangmei four times, and then handcuffed her hands behind her back and interrogated her.

Ma Zongtao spoke a lot of dirty words during the interrogation and Han Guangmei refused to answer his dirty questions. Ma Zongtao then beat her with a rubber club on the ankles and legs. He also threatened that he would beat her to death.

Another man in the room held Han Guangmei and kept her from moving. Han Guangmei refused to answer any questions. They pulled her hands upward forcibly and abruptly. Since her hands were locked behind her back, this caused the bones to make a loud cracking sound and caused excruciating pain. Han screamed and almost lost consciousness.

Ma Zongtao also slammed Han Guangmei's head against a wall many times, causing several large bumps on her head. Han asked Ma not to torture a good person. But Ma yelled, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is my father, and I will beat you to death for the CCP. I cannot vent all my hatred, even if I cut you into thousands of pieces."

Ma tortured Han Guangmei for a whole night. Finally he stopped when he saw how badly she was injured.

It was 6:00 a.m. when Ma stopped. Han Guangmei's body was covered with bumps and bruises. She could not stand up by herself and was in severe pain. The other 18 practitioners were jailed in another room and forced to sit on the cold cement floor all night.

The practitioners were sent to the Junan County Detention Centre the next day. The detention centre officer saw that Han Guangmei was badly injured and in danger. He then asked, "Who beat her like this? Isn't it too cruel? We cannot take her here!" Han Guangmei told them that it was Ma Zongtao who beat her. Then they asked Ma if this was true. Ma said, "Yes, it was me." So the detention centre officers asked Ma to take Han Guangmei to a hospital. Ma took her to the county hospital. The X-ray inspection showed that Han didn't have any broken bones, so the detention centre had to take her.

At the detention centre, the head of the Junan County "610 Office," Liu Xipeng, gave orders to lock practitioners Yang Guangzhen, Sun Maoqin, Zhao Xiaowei and an elderly lady from Dongliangdian Village, to a fence for a whole night at temperatures well below the freezing point.

The practitioners were forced to sit on the cold ground. The detention centre doesn't allow their families to send bedding for them, because the detention centre wants to sell quilts at 60 yuan each. The doctor of the detention centre, Yu Qingzhi, tried to make money this way. The quilts they sold to practitioners were only 1 centimetre thick (1/3 inch). It was full of low quality stuffing inside and could not keep one warm at all. Yu Qingzhi lied to practitioners, saying that their families didn't send bedding to them. Most practitioners were wearing very thin trousers when they were arrested. The third day the temperature suddenly dropped to 17 degrees. Han Guangmei, who was severely injured, was also forced to lie on the cold ground for three days, which caused inflammation in her legs and for her to lose consciousness.

Instead of treating her right away, the detention centre asked people to pull her out of the cell. Since all the practitioners and criminals in the women's cells voiced outrage over Ms. Han's condition, the detention centre had to send Han to the hospital for emergency care. The detention centre was afraid that Han would die and they would have to take the responsibility, so they asked officers from the Junan County Procuratorate to record Han's situation. Han told the procuratorate officers in detail how Ma Zongtao tortured her, and the officers made notes.

When she was sent to the hospital, the detention centre didn't inform her family. They also had a female agent from the "610 Office" and Yu Qingzhi watch her the whole night.

After she was rescued the first time, Han was sent back to the detention centre. Her health was poor and twenty days later, she was sent back to the hospital. This process happened three times. The last time, the doctor said that her situation was very serious, and she would die if she didn't stay in the hospital. Her legs were beaten so badly that she had inflammations in her blood vessels and periosteum. The Junan County "610 Office" had to pay 2,200 yuan2 to the hospital and let Han stay there. They didn't inform her family until the second day.

Ma Zongtao lied to Ms. Han's family, saying that he helped her to apply for release on medical parole. Han's family didn't know Ma Zongtao, so they asked if he was the one who broke Ms. Han's legs. Ma lied, saying that he didn't, and said that she had injured her legs by accidentally hitting the door when she was getting out of a car.

The family went to see Ms. Han and found that she could not move. Her left leg was so badly swollen that she could not even put on pants. Her feet were even more swollen. Every time the doctor came to check her, he told the nurse that she needed intensive care. She should not move at all, otherwise she would be in big danger.

Junan County "610 Office" telephone: 86-539-7220334
The head of the Junan County "610 Office," Liu Xipeng: 86-13205392801(Mobile)
The policemen from Junan "610 office," Chen Xin; Zhuang Xuru; Ma Zongtao
The political and law committee of Junan County: 86-539-7212410
Junan County Police Department: 86-539-7212215


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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