Oslo Chinese New Year Celebrations: An Opportunity to Clarify the Truth

Norway: Distributing Truth Clarifying Materials to Chinese people During the Chinese New Year Celebrations

On Saturday Jan 26th, 2002 and Sunday Jan 27th, 2002, "The Ensemble of Traditional Music of The China Film Philharmonic" held a concert in Oslo. The audience were mostly Chinese people. On the first day, the Chinese ambassador attended and on both days people from the Chinese embassy were present. After each concert, we distributed the Truth-VCD [Video Compact Disc containing truth clarification information about Falun Gong] to the Chinese people and to Norwegians who are familiar with the Chinese language. The VCD was wrapped in a cover on which we had written in Chinese "Happy New Year". When we distributed the VCDs, we said "Happy New Year" in Chinese to the people. They were really surprised, thankful and glad to receive our gift. The people from the embassy also received the Truth-VCD.

We decided to give the performers a present after the concert on Sunday. So we wrapped up the Falun Gong music of Pu Du & Ji Shi music CDs for each of the performers and also one for the translator/presenter.

When the concert came to an end, we wanted to wait until all the other people had thanked the performers. But, before we knew it, they had left the stage. We thought that our chance had gone, but we went to the backstage entrance. There the presenter and the musicians’ leader met us. With a calm and kind expression, we told them that we had some gifts for the performers. They hesitated only a moment, and then said ok. The lead musician came out to talk to us and accepted the gifts. We told him that we had been to the concert on Saturday and that we had enjoyed it so much that we had decided to come on Sunday as well, and also to present a gift. We told him that it was music composed and performed by some friends of ours. He then asked if it was Chinese music, which we of course could affirm. We then left with a heartfelt "Good New Year" in Chinese. We left with a very calm and good feeling in our hearts.

One of the Chinese people who had received our VCD, told us that he was arranging a "New Year dinner" for the following weekend and asked a practitioner to attend. When the practitioner called him the following Thursday, he said that people had been calling him the whole day. He thought that only around 50 people would come, but now there were around 110 people who had booked! At the end of the dinner in a Chinese restaurant, one practitioner distributed the Truth-VCD to the people sitting at the same table, meanwhile another practitioner went around the other tables distributing the Truth-VCD to each person.

When coming to the entrance area, there were some people who said at once: "Oh, that`s Falun Gong. I got it last week already." They seemed quite negative. The practitioner just answered: " Oh, that`s good that you already got it, so nice." The people on the other tables accepted the gift. Before the last table, there was again a woman who said in a negative attitude: "Oh, that`s Falun Gong; a VCD. I got it last week. What is the VCD in fact showing?!" The practitioner answered: "It shows that that what the Chinese television is showing is not right. It shows that they are lying." Surprisingly the woman agreed: "Right" and she and her girlfriends on the table took the gift very gladly. [Before that, there were three men standing directly near the table where these women were sitting - later on the practitioner realized that they were likely people from the embassy - they first did not want to take the VCD; one of them said, that he already got it last week and he knows that it is Falun Gong; but the practitioner just insisted that they should take it and so, they took one VCD again. They then wanted to know the name of the practitioner...]

Norwegian practitioners

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