Chinese Lawyer: "610 Office Is Above The Law"

China: Lawyers Cannot Help, The 610 Office Is Above The Law

Today I bumped into a lawyer and asked him about the law. I asked, "Does the issue of Falun Gong make sense according to the law?" He said, "The persecution of Falun Gong from a legal perspective doesn't make sense at all. However, at this time in China, it is power that overrules the law. Jiang is overruling the law. Whatever the 610 office says is above any law."

The law of this dignified country is only a decoration. It cannot protect its good people. The evil leader Jiang uses his power to trample on the constitution, the highest law in the land. He uses his power to destroy the law. No wonder Chinese citizens have been detained, thrown in jail, and sentenced to death because of practicing Falun Gong.
A Chinese government spokesperson stood on the international platform and spoke shamelessly. She said, "Now is the best human rights period in China." With Jiang trampling on the constitution and destroying the law, is it really possible to have human rights in place? Isn't that self-deceiving and deceiving others? If China is under "the best human rights period," why was Jiang named by Amnesty International as "the human rights scoundrel?"
Regarding the Falun Gong issue, people in the police station said, "We are Jiang's running dogs. Whomever he wants us to bite, we will do it. If I were to give you a copy of Zhuan Falun today, I wouldn't have my job tomorrow. We truly understand that what has been ordered from the top is not right; however, we have to keep our jobs."
People working in the court said, "Practice secretly at home, don't tell anybody."

People working in office of the procurator said, "If you said that you didn't practice any more in the detention centre, who would pay attention if you practice secretly at home? All you need to do is lie."

No government officials in China dare to speak the truth. There has never been a leader like Jiang in China who represented such evil. Is there nothing that he is unwilling do?

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