Italy: Falun Gong Practitioners call on the Argentinian Government to Stop China Extending its Persecution Overseas

On the morning of December 20th, Italian Falun Gong practitioners submitted a petition to the Argentinian Consulate General in downtown Milan. Some practitioners practised the exercises outside the Consulate General as well as distributing fliers to passers-by. In the meantime, two practitioners entered the Consulate General to present the Italian Falun Gong Association’s petition. A secretary to the Consul General, Ms. Rolla, received them. After hearing the facts about Falun Gong, she said that she would forward the material with the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party included, to the Consul General and that she would keep practitioners informed of this matter.

During the period when Luo Gan, a high-ranking official of the CCP and the head of China’s Gestapo-like “610 Office,” visited Argentina’s Buenos Aires, the Falun Gong practitioners who staged a peaceful protest in front of the Argentine parliament were violently attacked by thugs instigated by the Chinese Communist regime and their truth-clarification material and banners were forcibly taken away. Even the Argentine nationals who supported the practitioners based on their sense of justice were also attacked. According to eyewitnesses, the Argentine police were on the scene, but they failed to take any action to stop the violence. Apparently, the Chinese Communist regime has once again extended its persecution overseas. The Italian Falun Fong Association called on the Argentine government to investigate the atrocity perpetrated by the Chinese Communist regime in Argentine territory and the fact that the Argentine police have seriously violated their professional ethics. The Association also asked the Argentine government to investigate the perpetrators’ criminal responsibility.

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