A Blind Man Comes to Learn Falun Gong Exercises after Hearing the Music

On 12 February, many UK practitioners went to Chinatown in London to wish people a Happy New Year and to hand out truth clarifying literature. A blind man from the United States was attracted to the Falun Gong music being played and was led by the source of the music to the Falun Gong stall. He talked to one of the practitioners and then asked if he could learn the exercises there and then. Another practitioner helped him to learn the exercises on the spot. Later, he wanted to attend one of the Falun Gong classes which was being held that evening. A practitioner guided him across London to the where the class was taking place.

The practitioner, who assisted him, was reminded that we should not forget people who have disabilities. Giving libraries the Falun Gong audio tapes can be one way to give access to blind people, for example, so that they can also know of the teachings of Falun Gong.

UK Falun Dafa practitioner

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