The Violent Acts of One Policewoman in Wanjia Labour Camp

Crimes Committed by Policewoman Liu Baibing at Wanjia Forced Labour Camp

Shenyang City, Heilongjiang Province

Liu Baibing is part of Section Seven of Wanjia Forced Labour Camp, and was formerly a police officer at Dongfeng Jail before she was transferred. She is one of the main perpetrators of crimes against practitioners at Wanjia Forced Labour Camp. She was made a Party member for her so-called "success'''' in persecuting Falun Gong.
She often swears at practitioners. Once, a practitioner did not follow her orders during the morning drill, and she slapped the practitioner across the face numerous times. When she was responsible for the Third Class in the South Section of the building, whenever practitioners did the Falun Gong exercises, she would kick and punch them. One morning, when a practitioner was making her bed, she stormed in the room, dragged her outside and beat her up until blood came out of her mouth. When she saw a practitioner from the Third Class on the third floor sit with his back facing the police, Liu went in and dragged the 50-year-old practitioner underneath the bed. When another practitioner tried to intervene, she turned toward him, kicked, punched, and dragged him out of the room to the staff room. Every day, she yells at and beats practitioners. Liu has beaten over a hundred people at Wanjia camp.

When Liu Baibing was responsible for the "Strict Management Class," where more severe measures are applied to practitioners who refuse to cooperate, whenever practitioners refused to cooperate with her, she would get the section chief and other guards to torture them. No one was allowed to say a word in the practitioners’ defence, and whoever spoke would be tied up. Ten out of the twelve practitioners in the class were tied up at one point, while the others were beaten. Some practitioners lost consciousness from the beating and the binding.


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