Denmark: Practitioners Read an Announcement by the Falun Gong Association at the Chinese Embassy

On November 23rd, Danish practitioners gathered at the Chinese Embassy to read an announcement by the Falun Gong Association in both Chinese and English.

The announcement was published on October 9th 2005 and Danish practitioners faxed the announcement to all divisions of the Embassy about one month ago. To let more Embassy staff know about this important information and to give them further opportunity to make a conscious choice, practitioners came to the Embassy to send this important message by reading it aloud.

The announcement states: Ever since the publication of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, Chinese people have more clearly recognised the nature of the CCP and the evil nature of the persecution. More than five million have withdrawn from the CCP and its related organisations. Heaven's destruction of the CCP is a historical inevitability. Gods must punish those criminals who have sinned against Falun Gong. Those who refuse to do the right thing and instead continue to follow Jiang's scoundrel regime's persecution policies will be severely punished as perpetrators of unforgivable crimes.

When being interviewed, practitioner Ms. Wu said: “The CCP (Chinese Communist Party) has persecuted Falun Gong for more than six years. With practitioners’ tireless efforts to inform them of the facts, many kind-hearted people have awakened to the truth and thus chosen not to follow the CCP. However, there are still some CCP officials, including staff members of the Embassy, who are still participating in the persecution. Last August, we sued Jia Chunwang, one of the chief perpetrators of torture. It serves a warning to all other vicious people: We will resort to legal measures against all those who choose to aid the CCP during the persecution.”

The announcement said: The CCP regime is against heaven's will, and is about to collapse. It is now having difficulty sustaining the persecution. Heaven's final judgement of these evil criminals is imminent. However, one of the purposes of the sacred Falun Gong is to save people, including people of all social status. Even for those who have committed wrongdoings, there is still an opportunity for them to abandon the evil path and choose to be good. For all those who have committed crimes against Falun Gong but want now to correct their mistakes, they can submit, under safe circumstances, a guarantee statement or regret letter to Minghui (Clearwisdom Net) or to any regional Falun Gong Association to be archived. We will not investigate the various crimes of those who are determined to correct their mistakes. However we will continue to monitor their actions.

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