Tourists From China: We Have Found Out the Truth

One day at a famous tourist spot, when I was distributing truth-clarifying materials, I saw a group of Chinese come by. I stepped forward to greet them and handed truth-clarifying materials out to them. Among them was a gentleman about sixty-years-old. With sympathy in his eyes, he slightly nodded and amiably said to me, "We all know about it (the truth). I have read through all of this material. You may save it for other people and not waste it. We have travelled from the southern United States to the north, and we saw Falun Gong practitioners everywhere. Ah, the persecuted people are too miserable! Take care of yourselves." His eyes, with a trace of helplessness, impressed me deeply. I said to him, "Thank you for your support. I hope you can tell more people what you have seen overseas and let them know the truth, too, so that they will not be deceived by the lies." Nodding repeatedly in agreement, he followed the other people entering the exhibit room.

On another occasion, several Chinese came up with rapid strides, seeing from a distance our big banners and the practitioners doing exercises. Marching ahead was a young man. Before I said anything, he raised his hand, while walking, and shouted, "I support you!" After exchanging greetings, I came to know that he was from Guangdong Province. I was deeply touched and also happy for his being aware of the truth. In their group there was an older man. Being offered truth-clarifying material, he waved his hand in dismissal and left. The young man came up and told me, "Before coming abroad, we were given by the higher authorities a rule that we are not allowed to take any material from Falun Gong. He is the group leader. When he was not watching, we all took materials." I felt very glad that people are finding out about the truth, and I silently wished that more people would be able to know the truth […]


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