Repeated Arrest of Luo Jiabin and His Wife Jiang Yulian from Hunan Province

Recently, Dafa practitioners Luo Jiabin, from Shaoyang, Hunan Province, a former air force pilot, and his wife Jiang Yulian, a nurse, were arrested. Participating in the arrest were agents from the 610 Office1 and officers from the Hongjiang City Police Department. The police arrested Ms. Jiang Yulian on the street, leaving her two-year-old child alone on the street.

Mr. Luo Jiabin, about 30 years old, was a resident of Shaoyang, Hunan Province. He once served in the air force in Kaifeng, Henan Province. After July 20th, 1999, he persisted in appealing for Dafa and was later transferred to Hengyang, Hunan Province as a second lieutenant. Because he told the facts of Falun Dafa to people who had been misled by the government propaganda, he was dismissed. Mr. Luo was sentenced to forced labour and was for one year abused at the Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp in Changsha City.

Ms. Jiang Yulian, about 28 years old, was born in Chexi County, Huaihua, Hunan Province. She worked in the No.2 People's Hospital in Hongjiang City. She was once sentenced to forced labour and was for one year confined in the Baimalong Women's Forced Labour Camp in Zhuzhou. She had once compromised her belief but later published a solemn declaration and started to appeal for Dafa again.

A few months ago Ms. Jiang told the facts of Falun Dafa to a patient while working. A hospital employee became aware of this and reported her. Ms. Jiang was arrested by personnel from the 610 Office and the police department, and was detained for 37 days. Because she underwent a hunger strike, the police extorted 5,000 yuan2 from her family for bail to set Ms. Jiang free. The hospital refused to pay Ms. Jiang her salary. Since then, Jiang Yulian and Luo Jiabin, with their two-year-old child, became homeless and moved about to appeal for Dafa.

Four days before the moon Festival, agents from Hongjiang City 610 Office, the police department and the No.2 People's Hospital duped Ms. Jiang's brothers and sisters. They told them to invite the couple to return, threatening that otherwise the family members would be dismissed from their jobs. The next morning after Jiang and Luo returned home, the gang pried the door open to arrest them. Luo Jiabin was at home and was arrested. Jiang Yulian, carrying their two-year-old child, was shopping. Jiang was also arrested and the child was left on the street alone, with nobody taking care of him. The child cried loudly and sadly and was later sent back home by some kind hearted people. The grandmother looks after the child now.

After the couple was arrested, the family members questioned the police officers and asked for their release. The police could not justify the arrest, yet they still sent Ms. Jiang to the Baimalong Women's Forced Labour Camp. They tried to sentence her to two and a half year's forced labour. After Luo Jiabin was sent to Shaoyang City, the police once again sentenced him to two years of forced labour in the Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp in Changsha.

Some practitioners called the Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp. The police called the family members back and threatened them.

The Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp is still brainwashing Dafa practitioners. They utilised prisoners to violently supervise practitioners, gagging practitioners or taping their mouths shut. They also abuse them by making them stand, and beating them.

Work units responsible for the persecution:

The Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp in Changsha: 86-731-5260064 ext 9272

People responsible for the persecution:

Dou Xianglin, Team Leader

Mr. Zhou, Instructor

Head's Office, 86-731-5260001
Office, 86-731-5260033

The Xinkaipu Forced Labour Camp in Changsha, Zip code 410000

The Baimalong Female Forced Labour Camp in Zhuzhou, 86-733-8634894

8634800, 8634844

Hongjiang "610 Office," 86-745-7212970

Hongjiang Police Department, 86-745-7220744 (Political Security Section)
86-745-7212211 (Office)

Hongjiang City CCP Committee, 86-745-7732678


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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