Czech Republic: State TV Station Reports on Quitting the CCP Parade and Rally in Prague

In its national prime time news programme, the Czech State TV Station reported on a huge rally and campaign which took place in the old town square in Prague, as well as a quitting the Chinese Communist Party parade through the major areas in Prague. The reported also reported in brief on the editorial published by The Epoch Times newspaper entitled the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”.

Protest against the Chinese Communist Party

More than two hundred people from various European countries gathered in the city centre, protesting against the Chinese Communist regime. Today is the 56th anniversary of CCP rule in China. This parade and rally was organised by The Epoch Times, an international newspaper which has exposed the atrocities of the CCP to the whole world.

Liberalise China.

Shame on the CCP

Say No to the CCP

The above slogans echoed around Prague city centre.

Over two hundred activists reminded people that today is the anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party's take over of political power in China.

Zek, an Epoch Times representative, said, “Today is a sad day for all the Chinese people. They are suffering a brutal persecution. They are the victims of dictatorship by the Communist Party, which has claimed eighty million lives.”

The Epoch Times independently published the“Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” last November, an editorial that systematically analyzes the crimes and atrocities committed by the CCP. According to Zek, a great number of people could understand the CCP’s guilt. Among sixty five million CCP members, a tide of people quitting the CCP broke out. To date, near five million people have quit the CCP.

However, the Chinese Communist Party is also taking retaliatory action.

The director of the International Human Rights Association, Man-Yan Ng, said, “I know some people have been jailed for quitting the CCP publicly. More people have been followed and persecuted.”

Following this event, a seminar focused on “A World without the Communist Party” took place at Congress Building in Czech on October 3rd.

The former president of the Republic of Czech wrote a letter in person to support the parade and seminar in Prague.

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