Practitioners Expose an Attempt to Defame Falun Gong

Da'an City, Jilin Province

In early January of this year, Liu Yunhua, the new selected secretary of Da'an City's Political and Judiciary Committee organized a picture show slandering Dafa to gain her political credit. When practitioners heard […], [they] posted lots of Dafa truth-clarifying signs around the showroom at this education centre. As a result, as no one went to the show for the whole morning. The city government issued an order for each work unit to assign five people to come and view the displays. The people who were assigned all took time off saying they had things to do. In the afternoon a lot of practitioners arrived at the front of the centre and did the righteous thoughts meditation; among them, three elderly practitioners stood […] together. After three or four minutes, two persons walked out from the centre and one of them kicked the poster down and took it away. Dafa practitioners' righteous action exposed an attempt to mislead Dafa and the general public.

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