Practitioner has Been without Food and Water for Nearly a Month; Officials Still Refuse to Release Her.

Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province

In October 2000, Miss Zhang Man, a female practitioner in her twenties from Shijiazhuang City, was put into Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp. In order to protest the inhumane persecution in the labour camp and to request unconditional release, she has stopped drinking water or eating any food for 27 days. On the tenth day of her hunger strike, the wardens in the labour camp asked her family to visit her. At that time she was very weak. However, she is still not released.

Presently, Miss Zhang Man is still protesting with her life. She is in critical condition right now. We call on people from all walks of life to rescue the persecuted practitioner with all possible means.

Address of the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp: Beijiao Street, No.22, Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province. Postal Code:050000

Tel: 011-86-311-7753350, 011-86-311-7753569, 011-86-311-7776422, 011-86-

311-7763488, 011-86-311-7776421, 011-86-311-7752749

Another address of Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp: Beicheng Street, No. 10, Shijiazhuang City,

Postal Code: 050000

Tel: 011-86-311-7767140, 011-86-311-7797124, 011-86-311-7797145

Telephone Exchange Centre: 011-86-311-7754007

Administration Department of Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp: 011- 86-311-7754007Ext.207
Address of Reporting Centre of Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp: Beijiao Street, No.20, Shijiazhuang City, Postal Code:050051, Tel: 011-86-311-7752225
No.1 "Big Group" of Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp: 011-86-86-311-7754007, director's Tel: 011-86-311-7754007 Ext.210
No.2 "Big Group" of Shijiazhuang City's Forced Labour Camp: Northern Zhaolingpu Village of Shijiazhuang City, Postal Code: 050051
Telephone Exchange Centre: 011-86-311-7777689

Zhao Zhiqian, group leader, 011-86-311-7777689Ext.628

Administration Department: 011-86-311-7777689Ext.619

Director Zhao of the Guard Department: 011-86-311-7777689Ext. Guard Department

Zhao, leader of No.4 Middle Group: 011-86-311-7777689Ext.635

No.3 "Big Group" of Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp, Address: Beijiao Street, Shijiazhuang City. Group Leader: Zhao Bing, Yang Guang

No.4 "Big Group" of Shijiazhuang Labour Camp, Address: No.8, Nangaoji Street, Shijiazhuang City, Postal Code: 050061

Shang Changming, head of the group: 011- 86-311-7793644, 011-86-311-7780336

Administration Department: 011-86-311-7777689Ext.663

No.2 "Middle Group": 011-86-311-7777689Ext.666

Li Zhenping, a warden in No.2 Middle Group, Tel: 011-86-311-7779557 (H)

No.5 "Big Group" of Shijiazhuang Labour Camp: Group Leader: Qing

No.1 "Middle Group" Leader: Liu, No.2 Middle Group Leader: Lu, No.3 Middle Group Leader: Li, No.4 "Middle Group" Overseer: Zhang

Forced Labour Bureau, Hebei Province: 011-86-311-3634343

Department of Politics: 011-86-311-8607844

Department of Administration: 011-86-311-8607851

Director Li Jinke: 011-86-311-8607766

Director Sun Hai: 011-86-311-8607778

Department of Law Administration of the Public Security Bureau of Hebei Province and Hebei Province's Forced Labour Camp Administrative Committee: 011-86-311-3033941Ext.2142

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