Ms. Li Zhifen Paralysed After Thirteen Days of Torture at Shandong Second Women's Forced Labour Camp

Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Zhifen, who lived in Zhucheng City, Shandong Province, was unjustly arrested and sent to the Shandong Second Women's Forced Labour Camp on August 31st 2005. After being persecuted for 13 days, Ms. Li became paralysed and could no longer eat or talk.

On the night of August 2nd Ms. Li and three other practitioners were explaining the truth of Falun Dafa with their own experience when police officer Sun tracked them and reported them to the police station. Ms. Li and the others were consequently arrested and detained at the criminal detention centre. The next day, their homes were illegally ransacked. At the detention centre, each of the four practitioners was force-fed. Afterwards some of them vomited blood, excreted blood, suffered from dizziness, or suffered generalised pain.

On August 30th Ms. Li was going in a taxi to the local primary school to pick up her child when police officer Zhou Zhong arrested her. She was handcuffed and detained at the city's Security Detention Centre. On the morning of August 31st official Xu Guangrong and police officer Zhou Zhong arrested Ms. Li and several other practitioners. Ms. Li and the others were sent to Shandong Second Women's Forced Labour Camp, located in Wang Village, Zibo City, for three years of re-education through forced labour.

At Shandong Second Women's Forced Labour Camp, Ms. Li was detained in the Fourth Division. As soon as she arrived, she was forced to sit on a 20-centimetre-wide stool and not permitted to move. She refused to cooperate with the authorities. On the third day, the deputy leader of the Fourth Division refused to let her sleep.

At 2 p.m. on the fourth day, September 11th Ms. Li was persecuted so badly that symptoms of a stroke appeared and she fell into a coma. The police pinched an acupuncture point to awaken her. Upon regaining consciousness, Ms. Li's could no longer move the right side of her body. She could not eat, drink, or swallow medicine. Police officers Sun still did not allow her to sleep on a bed. He threw away her blankets and said to her, "Don't you dare tell people about this. We did not persecute you."

That night Ms. Li was sent to the forced labour camp hospital for treatment. Nonetheless, after only one day, Ms. Li was returned from the hospital and the torture continued. She was monitored by several guards and not allowed to sleep. The police also drew boundaries as to where she could sit and where her feet could lie. She was not allowed to move outside those boundaries.

The police then realised that they could no longer handle her situation, so they ordered her family to take her home. When the family went to pick her up, personnel at the forced labour camp charged the family 1500 yuan1for her medical costs.

Wang Village Forced Labour Camp

Second Division: 86-533-6689411
Fourth Division: 86-533-8872994


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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