610 Office in Guangxi Province, Ruthlessly Tortures Dafa Practitioners

The 610 Office1in Luchuan County, Guangxi Province, has once again launched a persecution campaign against Dafa practitioners. The 610 Office staff secretly planned the persecution strategy beforehand and held a meeting together with the managers of the related work units to discuss specifically how to implement the torture. They listed the practitioners targeted for persecution. Their plan was to go to Guangdong Province to arrest practitioner Zhong Rongji at work. The targets also included county middle school teacher, Xie Guixin, county first middle school teacher, Zhang Cuiyan, a retired teacher from Wangzhang Elementary School, Ye Ruijuan, merchant Chen Jiangyong, and others.

The county 610 Office printed and distributed a "transformation"2form to all the related work places. They then forced every workplace to carry out forceful brainwashing by saying, "if practitioners are not transformed internally, your workplace have to pay 20,000 'yuan'3to the county 610 Office, which will then hire practitioners from Guangxi Province who have already accepted the brainwashing to work on transforming them." With these threats, the leader of each workplace was forced to approach the practitioners in their respective workplaces and try to get them to sign the form.

Practitioner Mr. Zhong Rongji was a teacher at Mapo Town 3rd Middle School in Luchuan County. He was once detained and tortured at Luchuan Detention Centre for appealing in Beijing. Later he was sent to a labour camp in Nanning City. While in detention, Mr. Zhong firmly believed in Dafa. Upon his release he persisted in cultivating Dafa. The lawless authorities in the county education bureau ordered the Mapo 3rd middle school not to employ him again. Later he got a job in Guangdong Province. This July, Liu Guichu from the county 610 Office led a group to arrest Mr. Zhong and bring him back to Luchuan County. In order to protest the torture, Zhong Rongji has been on a hunger strike for about two months. The county 610 Office not only refuses to release him, but also claims, "If he still refuses to be transformed, he will be expelled from his school and sentenced to three years in a labour camp."

On July 15th under the incitement of the county 610 Office, the assistant secretaries in the Wenquan town government along with deputy mayor led seven or eight thugs to break into practitioner Chen Jiangyong's home. For three days, they kept threatening him and demanding that he denounce Falun Gong. On the third day, July 17th, they illegally detained him for one day.

On July 23rd, eight people from the national security department in the County Public Security Bureau, and the leader of Wanzhang Elementary School, persecuted retired teacher Ye Ruijuan. They broke into her home and threatened her. They forced the leader of her workplace and her family to interrogate her from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. They finally forced her son to sign a blank piece of paper.

On July 25th, some thugs from the county 610 Office directed the leaders from the county education bureau, county middle school, and county 1st middle school to brainwash practitioners Xie Guixin and Zhang Cuiyan. They forced them to fill out forms and write the "three guarantees."4The 610 office threatened the school officials, saying that if the practitioners were not transformed, their schools would need to pay 20,000 yuan. They intended to incite hatred toward Dafa within the schools. From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (7:00 p.m. for Zhang), the two teachers were isolated and restrained. However, the plot did not work.

The 610 Office now plans to escalate the torture.

Here is a list of people responsible for persecution Falun Gong practitioners in Luchuan County:

Lu Huankun, male, the assistant secretary of the county committee and director of the county People's Congress representative: 86-13807752838. (This man is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. He often participates in secret planning of the persecution with the 610 Office. He himself assigns and pressures managers in related workplaces. He has criticised people during meetings for not doing enough to persecute practitioners. Under his threatening, many managers were forced to follow his orders.)

Liu Guichu, male, assistant director of the county 610 Office: 86-775-7227626. (This man holds a hostile attitude towards Falun Gong and its practitioners. Since the formation of the county 610 Office in 1999, he has been the most active staff member in the 610 Office and participated in every persecutory campaign since 1999.)

Fan Bili, female, assistant director of the county 610 Office: 86-775-7226086, 86-775-7226080, 86-13197655363 (mobile). (Since she took her position in the 610 Office, she has been actively participating in the persecution of practitioners)

Qiu Shuhua, male, assistant director of the division specialising in dealing with Falun Gong issues in the county public security bureau. He is also a member of the 610 Office: 86-775-7339568, 86-13807752251 (mobile). (This man is hostile toward Falun Gong and practitioners. He directs all movements arresting practitioners in the county. Meanwhile, he often leads his team to places outside the county to arrest practitioners. He also stole large sums of money extorted from practitioners and their families.)

He Leiguang, male, instructor of the national security division of the county public security bureau: 86-775-7332554, 86-13517552089 (mobile). (Being one of the main thugs carrying out the persecution of Falun Gong, this man has participated in numerous arrests and interrogations of practitioners. He also performed a lot of paperwork related to persecuting practitioners since 1999. Most of the materials regarding practitioners being sentenced or sent to labour camps are penned by him.)


1. "The 610 office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

2. "Reform or Transform" Implementation of brainwashing and torture in order to force a practitioner to renounce Falun Gong. (Variations: "reform", "transform", "reformed", "reforming", "transformed", "transforming", and "transformation")

3. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

4. "Three Statements": Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write "Repentance Statement," "Guarantee Statement" or 'Dissociation Statement" as proof that they have given up their belief. In the statement, the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practising Falun Gong, promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

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