More Details on How Dafa Practitioner Mr Zhang Xiaodong Was Tortured to Death

In Lanzhou City, Gansu Province, at the Lanzhou City Detention Centre, the police continually persecute and torture Dafa practitioners. Suffering from this kind of inhumane frenzy, Dafa practitioners Liu Lanshong, Wan Guifu, Zhang Fengyun, Zhang Xiaodong and others were tortured to death. Other practitioners resorted to hunger strikes to protest the persecution and were force-fed by the police in the detention centre. The so-called "food" used in force feeding was chosen on a whim by the police before they began the torture. If they wanted the victim to live, they would use powdered milk. If they wanted the person to die, they would use concentrated salt water mixed with benzene. The practitioner generally would die of thirst. The process would also make the practitioner's tongue become stiff and prevent them from saying anything. During the force-feeding process, the police continuously beat the practitioners, and repeatedly use the force-feeding tube to rub and irritate the practitioners' nasal cavity, throat and oesophagus while the practitioners are still conscious. Dafa practitioner Zhang Xiaodong was tortured and subsequently died this way.

On October 16th 2003, four Falun Gong practitioners, Bai Sanyuan, Zhang Xiaodong, Yang Xuegui and Wang Yunbo illegally confined inside Lanzhou City First Detention Centre were meditating together one day. Wang Yunbo said, "We are all innocent! We should righteously walk away from the prison gate. This place is too dirty; it's a place for criminals, not a place for cultivators like us to live in." So after saying that, they casually walked towards the front gate. The prison guards stopped them and they were sent back. Their hands were cuffed and their feet were shackled to prevent them from walking away again. Zhang Xiaodong and Bai Sanyuan protested, "You cannot use the torture instrument on us. We are law abiding, good citizens, Falun Dafa is good!"

The prison guard dragged Bai Sanyen and Zhang Xiaodong, who were both handcuffed and shackled, from the medical division to the tough discipline division (the thirteenth division). Zhang Xiaodong was locked up in cell number six and Bai Sanyen in cell number seven.

Zhang Xiaodong and others resorted to a hunger strike to protest the inhumane treatment. They asked for the handcuffs and foot shackles to be removed. On the sixth day of the hunger strike, on October 21st 2003, the prison guards resorted to force-feeding torture with the intention of injuring the practitioners. The division heads led this operation. Chief Zhao Guanhu initiated the torture, Xu Yue Ting and Zhao Binfong picked the substance used for the force-feeding, and the criminal doctor Kwan Xiaoman performed the force-feeding. The chosen food used in force-feeding was concentrated salt solution mixed in benzene. The prison guards also instigated other prison inmates to mercilessly beat Dafa practitioners in the detention centre.

Zhang Xiaodong was beaten to death on October 23rd. The police transferred his remains on the 24th to Kongtai Hospital. Kongtai Hospital plotted with the police and concocted a fake medical record claiming Zhang Xiaodong died of natural causes. The detention centre also forced a group of convicts to act as witnesses and to fabricate false evidence.

The detention centre then dismissed all eyewitnesses inside cell number six and all personnel involved and responsible in the persecution and torture of Zhang Xiaodong. They forced all prison inmates to lie and aid in covering up their crimes and atrocities.

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