Mother Persecuted to Death for Practising Falun Dafa - Her Children Live Difficult Lives

Two years ago, Ms. Xue Xia, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Xingtai City, Hebei Province, was persecuted to death at the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp. She left behind a son and a daughter. Because their mother was a Falun Dafa practitioner, the children have been denied all care and support.

Ms. Xue died in the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp on February 21st 2003. Her daughter, Wang Jiaojiao, was born on September 13th 1991 and is now in junior high at the Yuban Experimental School of Xingtao County. Her son, Wang Chao, was born on March 9th 1993. Chao graduated from elementary school and was admitted to the Yuban Experimental School of Xingtao County this year. Xue Xia's husband, Wang Haihe, was fired from his job at Xingtai Medical School because his wife practised Falun Gong. The family lives without any income, and the two children have become very quiet and withdrawn as this terrible situation developed.

Following is a brief explanation of Xue Xia's persecution and death.

Xue Xia was born in Jiejiatun Village, Xingtai City, Hebei Province in 1970. In 2001 an official named Tian from Daliangzhuang Community arrested Xue Xia and her mother, Yin Xiai, and took them to the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp. Xue Xia suffered tremendously from torture in the forced labour camp. She was beaten, shocked with an electric baton, and deprived of sleep. Xia was forced to take a tablet, known as a brainwashing pill, because it weakens the patient, and produces a loss of appetite and loose bowels. Xue Xia was tortured to the verge of death, and camp officials feared she would die while in custody. Fearful of her imminent demise, the camp released her and Yin Xiai on medical leave.

After receiving extended treatment in the People's Hospital at Xingtai City, Xue Xia left the hospital. With her mother's support, Xue Xia studied the Falun Dafa books and practised the exercises, which gradually improved her health. On September 17th 2002, five policemen from the Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp and again arrested the mother and daughter and put them into Shijiazhuang Forced Labour Camp.

During the following three months, labour camp officials forced the mother and daughter to write the three statements (1). Under the cruel persecution, Xue Xia's restored health again deteriorated, and she lost her appetite and then lost consciousness. In this state a guard named Jiang ordered Xue Xia to sit on the bare ground in the cold winter, in a corridor that allowed the wind to blow over her. She was also forced to stand for hours while tied to a bed. For the next three to four days, Xue Xia did not eat or drink anything and was near death. The camp again feared that she would die in the labour camp and sent her home.

Returning to her district, Xue Xia stayed at the People's Hospital in Xingtai City. She was diagnosed with diminished brain function, and after suffering from the pain of a painful illness, Xue Xia died at 5:30 p.m. on February 21st 2003 at the People's Hospital in Xingtai City.


(1) "Three Statements": Practitioners are coerced under brainwashing and torture to write "Repentance Statement," "Guarantee Statement" or 'Dissociation Statement" as proof that they have given up their belief. In the statement, the practitioner is forced to admit remorse for practising Falun Gong, promise to give up Falun Gong, and never again associate with other practitioners or go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong.

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