"This is the Greatness of a Falun Dafa Practitioner"

1. "Let me help you take it down and re-hang it properly!"

In Jiamusi City, some elderly Falun Dafa practitioners gathered together and formed their own group to study the Falun Dafa teachings. The oldest is 84. Below is an incident narrated by one of them.

I am 64 years old. I once went out to hang banners in support of Falun Dafa at night. It was difficult to see everything clearly, so the banner was not hung properly. The next day, I passed by, thinking of taking the banner down to re-hang it properly. It wouldn't be of any use if people could not read the message on the banner. For this reason, I asked a bystander to give me a hand to get the banner down. The bystander asked, "What's on the banner?" I replied, " It says, 'Bring Jiang to justice!'" Surprisingly, the bystander replied, "Excellent idea! Jiang Zemin should be put on trial and bought to justice. Not only did he harm innocent people but he also made their lives miserable. Let me help you take it down and re-hang it properly!"

2. This is the greatness of a Falun Dafa practitioner

Xiaomei is a junior high student. One day, a contingent of schoolteachers and principals from South Korea visited her school. In order to highlight the teaching standards and the students' achievement levels in the school, the principal borrowed students from other schools that had students with special artistic skills such as piano, dancing, etc. But the Korean teachers were not impressed and did not pay any particular attention to these performances.

Afterwards, each grade sent two representatives to give a speech, and Xiaomei was one of them. After Xiaomei came on the stage, she smiled and casually introduced herself to the Korean teacher contingent. She said, " Hello to everybody. I am a disciple of Buddha school teachings that practises 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.' I would like to use the Buddhist's etiquette to welcome all of you!" After saying this, she raised her palm toward her chest to signal the welcoming gesture.

These South Korean teachers originally were not paying full attention and were gossipping in whispers among themselves. As soon as they heard what Xiaomei said, immediately they all put down their tea cups, neatly stood up, and return Xiaomei's gesture with a 90 degree bow and commented that, "This is a Falun Dafa practitioner. They are really great." The school principal, who was sitting beside the Korean teachers, glanced at Xiaomei and then at the Korean schoolteachers and murmured, "What is this 'Falun Dafa practitioner?'"

At the time of departure, these honoured Korean guests said to Xiaomei, "You have left a very deep impression on us. We understand the situation in your nation, and we welcome you to come to South Korea."

3. Ms. Wu has helped 1000 villagers to renounce the Chinese Communist Party

In a certain small town in northeast China, there was an elderly practitioner by the name of Sister Wu. Ever since The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, she has promoted it, bringing the publication to every household in the town as well as clarifying the truth of the situation to these sentient beings and encouraging them to renounce the Chinese Communist Party. Sister Wu frequently gets up very early in the morning to finish her household chores, study the Falun Gong teachings, and send forth righteous thoughts. Then she sets out to speak to her fellow villagers about the practice and the persecution in this righteous state of mind.

By any standard, Sister Wu is not an eloquent person, but when it comes to talking to her neighbours about the persecution and the practice, she has an unending story to tell. She is able to provide prompt and satisfactory explanations for all the difficult issues and concerns raised by those she meets. In ordinary situations, she wouldn't be able to provide these "high level logical answers." According to her understanding, "As long as one's mind is righteous and strong, Master will support and empower us with the necessary wisdom to deal with the situation. Every sentence just seems to flow smoothly. In ordinary circumstances, I wouldn't be able to do all that."

In this way, within a short time, only 50 of her 1000 fellow villagers have not renounced the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Sister Wu knows in her heart the people that have not renounced the evil CCP organisation. She still perseveres in bringing the truth to these people. She has lots of patience. If she does not succeed on the first try, she tries again at the next available opportunity. Many people have realised the truth through her efforts.

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