United Kingdom: Thought-Provoking "Stories in the Pictures"

On the first day of the 59th International Edinburgh Arts Festival, UK Falun Gong practitioners held an open-air concert called “Rescue Orphans of Falun Gong Practitioners”. A small female choir sang about “Stories in the Pictures” and had three paintings entitled, "Homeless", "Why?" and "Come Back Daddy", as the background to the stories. A narrator explained the stories in the pictures to the onlookers in detail. Not one of the onlookers lacked a look of sympathy on their faces.

The following is an English translation of the the verses to the songs sung by the choir. Composition and lyrics by UK practitioner Xiong Jun.


This little girl is called Lele, which means “happiness”. Lele’s dad was arrested for his belief in Falun Gong a month ago. Today, when Lele comes home from school, she finds her mum has also been taken away, and her home has been sealed by the Communist Government. So, Lele has been made homeless.

Lele comes home with hasty paces
A person so little has heavy worries,
Daddy was abducted last month,
Mother and daughter are now only left with each other’s affection.

Lifting her head, she sees the front door sealed,
Then it felt like booming thunder rumbling,
When was mummy arrested?
Now she is gone, the house is empty.

Daddy, mummy, where are you?
Lele is lonely and sad and sorrowful,
Dad and mum are the best people,
Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance are planted in their hearts.

Hence, I am homeless and have nowhere to go,
Wandering through cruel summers and freezing winters,
When will I ever see the fine day come?
When can our family be reunited and embrace the spring breeze again?


This little boy and his mum have been arrested by Chinese policemen, simply because they practise Falun Gong. Badly beaten, the boy holds back his tears and asks: Why? Why do the policemen beat us?

Why, why,
Why do they arrest mum and also arrest me,
Interrogated by day, compelled by night,
“Mr.” Policeman becomes a monster.
I only regret myself being young,
And watch helplessly as mum suffers.

Why, why,
What’s wrong with mum practising Falun Gong?
One person practises, the whole family is happy,
Everyone gives us the thumbs-up.
Suddenly the sky changes and catastrophe descends,
Full of injustice and wrongs but who can I tell?

Come Back Daddy

This painting is entitled “Come Back Daddy”. The young girl is called Fadu. Her dad was arrested by the Communist government and was tortured to death, only because he practised Falun Gong. Fadu’s mum was so sad her hair turned white overnight. Since then, Fadu and her mum, who now live in Australia, have travelled around the world to call on kind-hearted people to help end the killing and persecution in China.

There is little girl,
Her name is Fadu.
She travels the world with her mum,
Going thousands of miles,
How blessed she was in the past,
Loved and protected by both mum and dad.
The whole family was delighted to obtain the Fa,
And their happiness was envied by others.

Suddenly one day,
Gusts rushed at one’s face,
Daddy was arrested,
And suffered tortures for no reason.

Before long news was heard of his death,
Dad has left the world,
Mum was sorrowful and her hair turned white,
Fadu’s tears ran dry.

Mother and daughter wipe away tears,
Continue their steps on their journey,
Calling for people of the world,
To lend a hand and stop the killing.

In China, thousands of people are incarcerated, tortured and murdered only for practising Falun Gong and believing in Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance. As a result, countless children have lost their parents, their families and can no longer go to school. Such tragedies have been unfolding for six years, and it’s still going on…

Kind-hearted people, please extend your helping hand, help us to stop this persecution and make sure that the tragedy of children losing their parents does not happen again!

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