Understanding the Truth about Falun Gong, a Village Party Secretary Resists the Persecution and Promotes the Practise

I have a friend who is a popular village Party Secretary with great influence among the people. I often sent him Falun Dafa books and new articles by the founder of the practise, Teacher Li. He not only received materials from me as other Falun Dafa practitioners, and gradually he began to see the truth about Falun Dafa.

Once during a meeting break, he explained the truth surrounding Falun Dafa to those who had been mislead and confused. He started to recite Teacher's poem "Enlightened Being", and the poem led people's discussion to the right track. Several dozen people listened attentively and appeared to agree by frequently nodding their heads.

He has certainly been understanding and supportive of the practise. Within his scope of responsibility, he wisely avoided persecution orders from higher authorities and used his abilities well to protect those who practise Falun Dafa. The most valuable thing he has done is to resist the persecution and promote the practise in public.

Once on a tour bus he talked of the wicked Party's corruption and promoted the practise for more than an hour.

At a people's representative delegates conference, when people were talking about a reporter for China Central TV's news show Focal Point defaming Falun Gong, this village Party Secretary spoke loudly, "Do not believe that propaganda from TV. You need to think for yourselves." In part due to his attitude, people's way of thinking began to change.

He said, "Is power greater than the law? No matter how immense Jiang Zemin's* power is, it cannot override the law. Our village is also the same. We have the village rules, the village law. Whether you are a villager or official, your conduct must follow the village law. Falun Dafa, however, is the universal law, and everything and everyone in the universe was made and created by this law. We are not qualified to comment on this universal law. None can be greater than this universal law. There is no way to eliminate the universal law, and Falun Dafa cannot be changed, no matter how severe the persecution is. The universal characteristic of Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance cannot be changed by anyone." *Jiang Zemin was the former leader and still holds a strong position of power in the Chinese Communist Party

I was surprised and gratified by his understanding of Falun Dafa. At the same time I was deeply moved by his brave action to protect the practise.

This Party Secretary always secretly protects those who practise and does not report the practitioners' activities to the higher authorities. Whenever the higher authorities asked about Falun Dafa practitioners, he tried to protect them.

Later, the village Party Secretary told me about his amazing experience:

He was an expert on high voltage electricity and power lines. Once, while he was linking the power line to his relatives new house at the roof, a loud "bang" and a huge fireball appeared in front of him. He lost his vision for five or six minutes, and later he gradually realised what had happened. "It was Teacher who saved your life," I told him. "I also believe that! Otherwise I would not be alive," he replied. "I used to be very brave. For many years I have done so much electrical work and experienced many incidents, but no incident has been so severe and dangerous. It tripped the circuit breakers for the entire village."

This village Party Secretary's own experiences show that he was rewarded for his kind treatment.

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