France: People in Paris District 11 Support Falun Gong Practitioners' Human Rights

On the 23rd of July 2005, a series of activities to promote Falun Gong in Paris took us to District No. 11 in the east of the city. Many of the inhabitants in this district are newly rich people who have made their own way in the past several decades, and most of whom are middle class. We held this activity to let them know about Falun gong and the brutal persecution against the practice in China.

After learning the facts of the persecution, many people, including many officers, civil servants, teachers, students, doctors, jurists and some scholars, signed the petition expressing support for an end to the persecution. All of them expressed their strong condemnation of the human rights abuses against Falun Gong practitioners.

After looking at the exhibition boards that detailed the persecution, a female undergraduate who is studying politics said indignantly, “It is too cruel! The Government is too shameful! Thanks to your activity of clarifying the truth here, people will get to not know about all this.” After that, she signed the petition without hesitation.

Two women from Belgium were standing for a long time looking at one of the exhibition boards. Having signed the petition, they were continuing discussing the serious problems of human rights in China. One of them said, “We’ve finally heard something valuable today!”

A lady riding a motor bike stopped on her way and expressed that she was very interested in learning the Falun Gong exercises and asked where to find exercises sites in Paris. She was surprised at hearing that teaching and learning Falun Gong is always free and said happily, “Super!”

A French man who just got back from China said that when he was travelling there, he couldn’t see what the real China was like at all. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) rogue government has given all foreign tourists a feeling that everywhere in China is too peaceful on the surface; Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing are so beautiful that they look like show windows in shops; even so, people living in countries of freedom can always see all kinds of photos and footage of the persecution that foreign reporters took by taking risks with their lives in China. He expressed that the tourism of China is not only for making a profit from foreigners but sugaring up peace and tranquillity and disguising their persecution and the cruel killing of the people as well.

Another lady, who works in the international physical education industry, told us: The strongest resistance China has met was the problem of human rights when she applied for the Olympic Games internationally. She said that there were many remarks on the CCP’s suppression of Falun Gong, a lot of international figures all think that Beijing has no qualifications for holding the Olympic Games in 2008.

Besides, we happened to encounter a Romanian girl who was homeless and wandering on the streets. Although she is in a difficult situation, she still signed the petition silently and said pure-heartedly to the practitioners, “I will be praying for the people who are being persecuted in China.”

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