A Withdrawal Statement from the CCP by a Young Soldier in China

I am a 23 year old soldier living in Mainland China. I joined the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after I enrolled in the army. I used to believe that the CCP controlled government works for the sake of the people. I thought it was a powerful core that was necessary for bringing benefit to all. However over the last few years, through many things that I've seen or heard, I have realized that the CCP is completely different from what I previously believed. It does not think of people's interests or spiritual needs. In contrast, it is rude, arbitrary and acts irationally. Its performance is very fake and wicked.

Regarding the current situation of our society, there are corrupt officials, thieves, robbers, killers, criminals, prostitutes and so on. It is not just me saying these things; people today are complaining left, right and centre, saying that our current society is dying. The society is in such a bad state, and the government doesn't do anything to try to improve the situation. In contrast, it focuses its major manpower, financial resources and materials on arresting and persecuting a large population of good people (i.e. Falun Gong practitioners) who are innocent and weaponless. I knew these people before I joined the army. I know that they are kind and honest. They are the best persons because they always think of others first and do good things for other people. I also know that the books they study are good, and teach people how to be good people. The exercises they do are simply for improving health, aren't such things good. If the entire nation would come together to learn this practice everyone would have peace of mind and a healthy body, how stable and lovely society could be! However, the CCP led government deems these good people and their excellent practice as its enemies, and it has concocted many lies, using them as excuses to persecute these people. In the meantime, it has deceived and misguided many people towards hating Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners.

According to reliable reports, the government uses all sorts of brutal torture methods to force Falun Gong practitioners to give up their beliefs. The extreme torture methods are extremely inhumane and countless people have been killed. The truth is kept secret from the outside world. Isn't this going against all that is right? Is this the Party or government that I should rely on? Will I have a good ending if I follow such a Party? I think that I am going to have to face retribution since I believe that it is the universe's absolute law that kind persons are rewarded and bad persons punished.

I am extremely disappointed with the CCP based on the facts that I just mentioned above. Thus I have decided to withdraw from the CCP and all its related organizations.

I hereby claim that I resign from all the malevolent organizations, including the CCP, the Youth Party and the Young Pioneer Party. I also want to claim that all my words said under oath at the CCP enrollment ceremony are completely void. I absolutely want to move away from the CCP and choose my own future path. Even though I am not a Falun Dafa practitioner, I will be like them to behave as a good person in society. I will strongly support Falun Dafa and its practitioners.

I also want to say a few words from my heart to my family and relatives who have been deceived: Don't listen to the Party's propaganda and don't be deceived. Please make sure that you are using your true thoughts to look carefully and think deeply about what is good and what is bad rather than blindly following the CCP's lies. Think clearly and see clearly, so as to choose a safe future for yourselves.

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