Young Practitioners Also Have to do the Three Things Well

Respectable Master: Dear fellow practitioners, greetings!

My name is Katarina. I’m seven years old and I am from Switzerland. I have been practising Falun Gong for five years. The founder of Falun Gong, Master Li, always emphasises that we have to do the three things well every time. Firstly to study the Falun Gong teachings well, secondly to send forth righteous thoughts, and thirdly to let the worlds people know the truth. Today I want to tell everyone how I fulfil these responsibilities. At the Chicago Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference in 2004, Master said: “I've told you to study the Fa a lot, to study the Fa, study the Fa, study the Fa...” I study the Fa almost everyday (Fa can be translated as Law or Principles, the teachings in Falun Dafa). When I was very young and didn’t recognise any words, I always listened to Master’s Falun Dafa lecture tapes. Before going to bed, Mum always read “Lun Yu” to me (Lun Yu is the introductory text to the core book of teachings in Falun Dafa, “Zhuan Falun”). I really like to read “Hong Yin” very much. When we drove to attend Falun Gong activities, the Chinese practitioners here taught me “Hong Yin” in Chinese, such as: Solid Cultivation.

Solid Cultivation

Study the Fa, obtain the Fa,
Compare in studying, compare in cultivating,
Examine each and every deed,
Accomplishing is cultivating.

October 7, 1994

Now I’m in the first grade at elementary school. We read Zhuan Falun with Mum everyday. At the beginning I could only read short sentences and at a slow speed. Everyday I improve a little bit and read faster and faster. The female teacher in our school felt surprised at why I can read so fast. I told her that its because I read Zhuan Falun with my mom everyday. It is a normal routine for other Falun Dafa practitioners to come over to practise the Falun Gong exercises Some practitioners come to our house to practise the exercises all the time. I practise with them, do the meditation and read Zhuan Falun. Because I practise the exercises and study the Fa everyday, it helps me to pass through tribulations, such as the removal of sickness karma. If anyone treats me bad, I can pass the test, too. Once in an exercises class, we ran a race. Because I ran very slowly, my classmate said bad words to me, and even hit me. I then thought of what Master said in Zhuan Falun “you shouldn’t hit back when attacked, or talk back when insulted.” I thanked her but she hit me again. I thanked her again and told her winning was not important. She replied that winning is very important to her.

I want to tell everyone something. Once on my way home after school, the wind told me to turn back, I then turned back and saw my girl friend. I thanked the wind for telling me so that I did not have to walk home alone.

Sending forth righteous thoughts is the second thing we need to do well. I send forth righteous thoughts twice a day. Sometimes I have nightmares while sleeping, then I send forth righteous thoughts, but sometimes Mum will wake me up. While sending forth righteous thoughts, we need to concentrate our minds. However, I can do this well every time. Sometimes I think about other things, such as thinking about this, that, fairy tales and so on. But I will improve myself.

The third thing is to let more people learn about Falun Gong and the persecution. I also help to put the Falun Gong newspapers into every house mailbox. When holding the Falun Gong information day activity, everytime I help to send forth the righteous thoughts, distribute the material and demonstrate the exercises. When I was in the kindergarten, once we went to the Home for the Aged with our teacher before Christmas. We sang songs and gave the presents we made in the kindergarten. At that time I had an idea, which is to give everyone some Falun Gong material. Therefore, Dad specially printed out the material with big words in order to make them easy to read. When arriving at the Home for the Aged and I had just took off my coat, I told the teacher I prepared some material for presents. But the teacher said that they have lots of reading material. After returning home, Mum asked me if I had given them the material and I said the teacher prevented me. After several days, we put all the materials into the mailboxes with Mum.

Every Saturday we go to a city to demonstrate the types of torture that Falun Gong practitioners are being subjected to on a daily basis in China. I wanted to play the role as a victim. Mum wrote an email to ask everyone’s opinion. One practitioner didn’t agree because it would be hard for others to understand. Therefore one practitioner made a small exhibition board for me. On the board there was a painting showing a little boy and his mother who was imprisoned and with the word: Why? On the side there were some words: “My name is Katarina. I’m six years old now. I am very happy because I have a father and mother. However, many Chinese children lose their parents just because their parents practise Falun Gong. Some children are put into jails and even are persecuted to death.” I always put this small board beside me when practising the exercises and doing the meditation outside and many passersby come to look at it. I’m very happy to have this small board. Maybe many people have already seen my small board. I’m very willing to help them to understand the persecution against Falun Gong practitioners in Mainland China.

Lastly, I would like to read another of Teachers poems to you:

Hurry Up And Tell Them

As practitioners tell people the facts,
It's like sharp swords shooting out together from their mouths,
Shredding apart the rotten demons' lies.
Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them.
Li Hongzhi
August 21st 2002

Thank you very much for listening to my experiences.

Katarina Lam

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