Spain: Anti-Torture Exhibition in Parla is Widely Supported

In the middle of May, Spanish practitioners’ anti-torture exhibition tour arrived in Parla. Parla is not a big city and the population is not large. However, many touching stories occurred during the anti-torture exhibition activities.

The police sign the petition to support Falun Gong A lady holds a petition form full of signatures from her relatives and neighbours

The security guard from the train station signs his name on the petition to support Falun Gong People are shocked by the persecution and sign the petition form to support Falun Gong

At the beginning of the anti-torture exhibition, police showed their support

After practitioners set up the anti-torture exhibition pictures on the ground near the entrance to a train station, a police patrol vehicle drove by. Two police officers got out of the vehicle and asked what was happening. Practitioners told them about the persecution of Falun Gong in China and explained about the activity that would be held in Parla to help call for an end to these human rights abuses. After hearing the truth of the persecution and the purpose of our activity, the police said, "The crime of genocide should never happen in the 21st Century. You can continue your activity, although you should normally apply for a permit in advance to hold such an activity. Your situation is really special.”

When the police were preparing to leave, a practitioner said, “You may have a look the exhibition pictures over there to get a clearer understanding of how terrible this genocide is that is now happening in China." Although they had already been told about the persecution, the officers were still shocked by the sight of the horrible scenes of persecution presented in these pictures. Having carefully read the descriptions about each picture, they came to sign their names on the petition calling for an end to the suppression and said, “We could never imagine a persecution so severe and brutal. Normally we are not allowed to sign anything while we are on duty in police uniform, but our conscience tells us that we should do so.”

A member of the Spanish Communist Party: “I feel resentful and ashamed.”

Having looked at the pictures, a gentleman said to practitioners, “I am a Spanish Communist Party member. It is not acceptable for such a brutal persecution to be happening in China. As a member of the Communist Party, I feel ashamed and resentful. I must tell my relatives, friends and other Spanish Communist Party Members about this persecution happening in China.”

An honest lady

Having looked at the pictures, an honest lady immediately asked how she could help the practitioners in China. Practitioners told her that signing the petition form could help to end the persecution and then she took several petition forms with her. She told practitioners that she would like to ask her family members and neighbours to sign the petition. Not long after, this lady came back with the forms full of signatures. She got more than forty signatures; her entire family and all of her neighbours signed their names.

The security guard at the train station

This activity was held near a train station. From the beginning of the activity, two security guards at the station entrance watched us all the time. Practitioners gave them a leaflet about the persecution. Some time later they unexpectedly appeared in front of the signature table and signed their names on the petition form. A security guard said that, according to the rules, they should not participate or be involved in any activity other than their jobs while on duty. However, as human beings, they could not keep silent facing such an inhuman persecution: They had a responsibility to appeal to stop the persecution.

Many people sign the petition

Demonstrating the five sets of exercises Sending righteous thoughts

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