More and More Turkish People Come to Cherish Falun Gong

Falun Dafa has rooted firmly in people’s hearts day by day since its introduction to the public in Turkey. More and more Turkish people have started to practise Falun Gong and more and more people send out the sound of justice for Falun Gong. Here are some reports:

A predestined matter

A female worker who works in a bank told me that she has been looking for a cultivation practise throughout her life and she said that after she read the book Zhuan Falun, she discovered that she finally found it (Zhuan Falun is the core text in Falun Gong). She said that our meeting was predestined; It was in the spring of last year, 2004, a female friend of hers who has super-normal ability and lives in another city went to see her, and said: “You will be a vegetarian; Then you will meet a woman who teaches you a form of cultivation practise…”. Soon afterwards, she really wanted to be a vegetarian, and so became one; Then in the second half of the year, a friend of hers introduced me to her, and I told her about Falun Gong. It seems that all these things happened by chance in this human world, but actually they are inevitable. She has never stopped practising Falun Gong since then and she said that it is Falun Gong which has changed her life. Her character has changed since she began cultivating, becoming affable, having better relationships with her boss and her subordinates at work and achieving a promotion to work in a better position at the main branch of her company. She said that her life is now bright after taking up Falun Gong. She asked me how she could show her gratefulness to the founder of Falun Gong Master Li. I said: “I used to have this kind of feeling before just like you are having now, but Master told us that being diligent in our cultivation is enough, he wants nothing from us.” “Really?” she asked, “Could you please pass my gratefulness to Master Li when you have the opportunity!” I answered: “Well, I will put your note of gratitude onto one of the Falun Gong websites.”

She also told me that she has studied more than ten books on the topic of cultivation practise and super-normal abilities before taking up Falun Gong. Once she finished reading Zhuan Falun, she found that Master Li Hongzhi’s teachings has covered all the contents of the books she studied before and they are complete and clear. She knew that that other books she had read only talked about minor issues without giving a clear explanation about matters. Then she remembered her dream which contained some clearly stated words: “Clean up your goods” a few days ago, she asked me that what it means. I told her to have a look at the first talk and the talk covered the issue of cleaning up goods in Zhuan Falun, and then she suddenly enlightened to it. The following day she collected all the pictures and other materials of this kind and put them out for the rubbish collection workers to take away. I happened to visit her house on that day. Upon seeing what she had done I was genuinely happy for her and hoped that she will make great progress in her cultivation practise.

After she read the facts about Falun Gong, the situation in China and the pictures depicting the kind of torture that Falun Gong practitioners are subjected to, she said in a clear mind: “Do you know why your government wanted to do this? They want to deceive your people and force them to only believe them. They want to block any upright faith which contains higher principles than theirs, making your people only care about material possessions. It is such a shame. At the same time, they have used all types of media such as the television and radio to broadcast their ideology. In this way they can continue to govern your country. In fact, it is not the people of China who are evil. The real evil is the people in power. However, this won’t happen in Turkey, because Turkey is a democratic country where you have freedom of thought and freedom of speech. People have ample human rights. No one cares about what other people think or believe, unless you commit a crime. Life is cherished in Turkey and people are respectful of each other, no matter how old you are or how rich you are. It can not be tolerated to badly treat other people or to torture other people. Turkish people genuinely believe in retribution for committing bad deeds. The crimes committed by the Chinese Communist Party in it’s persecution against Falun Gong is truly disgusting. Nowadays I feel sorry for those who are been born in China.”

Everything is well two days later

A male practitioner who has been practising Falun Gong for more than two years knows a great deal of principles and cultivation methods. He started to teach his old parents who are in poor health to practise Falun Gong. His mother is seventy years old and has suffered from hypertension and heart trouble for over twenty years. The purification of her body took place after she had been practising Falun Gong for just three days. She appeared to have high blood pressure which rose to around 250, giving his elderly mother a bit of a fright. However, the strange thing was that this time, taking medicine didn’t work at all. Her son told her she is eliminating her karma and not to regard it as an illness. Trust Master, trust the Fa (Law or Principles, the teachings in Falun Gong), as many people had gone through this already. I told her that she would be well in a couple of days. Also she was aware that the symptoms she had this time were not the same as before, she used to faint if the blood pressure rose to around 200. It was not the case this time, she could go to the toilet and eat as though she wasn’t actually ill. Two days later, she became well, after which she came to know what eliminating karma is. Now the elderly couple practise the Falun Gong exercises following Master’s VCD everyday between 12 and 1 o’clock. The elderly lady commented that after taking up the practise her illnesses are disappearing one by one and that she always feel energised. Her husband reads Zhuan Falun for her everyday and at the same time, her character is changing according to “Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance”. She said that she would like to have a chat with her daughter in law, whom she used to quarrel with as she hopes to improve their relationship.

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