Declarations of Quitting the Communist Party Hit Dalian City's Streets, China

Declarations of withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party plaster the streets of Dalian City, Liaoning Province. The declarations are prompted by the Epoch Times' Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. One declaration was taped to a bus stop booth near Sanba Square (see picture below). Another was posted on a bulletin board on Lijia Street. Pedestrians stopped to read them carefully. This kind of declaration has never been seen before in China and has caught the attention of people, who are interested in the contents. After reading the declarations, their expressions become serious. It is clear that the declarations are thought provoking.

These public declarations to quit the Party have marked the beginning of a new era. It is clear that more people will pick up on this topic as they start to see the declarations in public, which will further help spread the Nine Commentaries. The spread of the Nine Commentaries, in turn, will bring about more public declarations of withdrawal from the Communist Party.

Declaration of withdrawal from the Youth League and Young Pioneers on a bulletin board on Lijia Street

Declaration of an official posted in a booth of a bus stop near Sanba Square

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